8 Lovely hidden squares in Barcelona

Hidden squares: charming corners in the Catalan capital

The squares play a very important role in the daily life of the Spaniards. In all the cities of the country, according to the time of day, the squares become a place of meeting and socialization. Children play, and men and women of all ages seize the good weather and chat, sunbathe and enjoy the day (or night).

The excellent weather in Barcelona, its way of life and its outdoor culture makes the squares a place to visit for tourists who want to get closer to this way of understanding life here. Having a cup of coffee in one of its terraces, getting to know the monuments or just hang out are some of the activities we recommend you do in person in one of their beautiful squares.

That’s why today we bring you a list of 8 lovely hidden squares in Barcelona and some details of its location, the restaurants, and more information. Some of these charming squares offer the possibility to have a quiet lunch, take a snack or if you prefer, enjoy the musicians and artists who visit the squares to sing and perform for the visitors.

Now it’s your turn to decide which one is your favorite!

Secret squares of Barcelona to visit during your trip

1. Plaça de la Concòrdia

Plaça de la Concòrdia is a wonderful and lovely corner in Les Corts district due to its charm and its vintage shops. Among its architectural spaces stands the modernist house Can Deu, designed by Eduard Mercader in 1847, an old house of the Deu i Mata family owners of a liquor factory located just behind the house. Twenty years ago, it became a civic center that also has restaurants, a fountain and a gazebo that give the square a modern look, despite being one of the most traditional squares in Barcelona.

2. Plaça de la Vila de Gràcia

Formerly known as the Plaça de Rius i Taulet, it is one of the most recognizable lovely squares in Barcelona. Located in the Gràcia neighborhood, the old Town Hall and the watchtower are the architectural elements of the square that stand out, in addition to its young and familiar atmosphere. It is a famous spot for a lot of locals, so if you are planning to go and sit on a terrace there to have a snack, a beer or a coffee, our advice is to go with time, especially during the weekend and summer.

3. Plaça de Sant Felip Neri

One of the hidden squares in Barcelona, popular because of its bars and cafes, and its wonderful octagonal fountain located in the center of the square. There’s also a church and on a wall of this church, there are remnants of shrapnel from the Spanish Civil War that give the square a historic and much more intense vibe. In the Ciutat Vella, the square receives the name of the church of baroque style. It is a relatively unknown square, located next to the Barcelona cathedral, which we also recommend you visit.

4. Plaça de Sant Pere

In the middle of the Ribera district, Plaça de Sant Pere gives a different vision of the modern image projected by the city of Barcelona. Through the church that is in the square, we can go back 700 years to get an idea of what this part of the city was like at that time. A historical and monumental square that coexists perfectly with the bars and shops that surround the area, mixing the past and the present in a very eclectic way.

5. Plaça de la Barceloneta

Located in the touristic area of La Barceloneta, this small square offers a place to rest from the high pace of life that exists in the area. In the square there are several bars where you can have some tapas while enjoying its tranquility and its small Baroque church. Among the specialties of the bars that surround the square we can highlight the maritime product and the recognized Catalan wines. A place with a familiar atmosphere in the old fishermen’s district, where it is worth stopping when you are visiting this well-known neighborhood of Barcelona.

6. Plaça dels Traginers

Among the intricate streets of the Gothic district we find this lovely hidden square, Plaça dels Traginers. Located between Roman walls and with an irregular shape, it is a place with a young vibe, where musicians and artists of all kinds come together on weekends. Around the square there are many more bohemian-looking coffee shops where you can have a coffee and a muffin. Small and very charming, the Plaça dels Traginers square it is the perfect place to stop for a while during your visit to the center.

7. Plaça del Sortidor

Located in the Poble Sec neighborhood, it is a small hidden square full of families, children and young people who meet there to socialize and enjoy the outdoors. In one of the corners there is a small fountain that looks like the well-known Canaletas fountain that gives its name to this small square. It is a great option if what you are looking for is to have lunch in a calm and unhurried way while you know this area of Barcelona. To highlight the unique atmosphere that the square has, thanks to the imposing Montjuic mountain that looks over the buildings.

8. Plaça d’Osca

What was known by all as a simple and familiar square, it has become a meeting and socialization center for all types of people. In just a few meters there are all kinds of bars, restaurants, bohemian cafés and vintage tapas bars. Its proximity to the train station and the natural activity that occurs in the well-known Sants neighborhood have given a new air to the square that increasingly has more visitors, especially on weekends. If you are at the Sants station and you have time, do not hesitate to pay a visit to this lovely square and hang out for a while, enjoying the neighborhood life and feeling the flavor of this area with locals.

Featured image: Plaça de Felip Neri, Barcelona

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