Top 12 unique outdoor activities near Barcelona

Top 12 unique outdoor activities near Barcelona

Barcelona has very warm weather and a great amount of sunny days per year. This lovely fact means that, even if you visit Barcelona in the winter, statistically you´ll find a sunny (or not-too-cloudy) days.

So, here you have 12 top unique outdoor activities near Barcelona to enjoy alone, with your partner, your friends or your family!

Bungee jumping

Vilafranca del Penedés, Collbató or Cubelles are well-known names for all the bungee-jumping fans, since those are some of the towns where you can arrange an unforgettable bungee jumping. If you want to enjoy the excitement of falling into the void, release tons of adrenaline and face your fears, bungee jumping is for you. Special mention for the couple mode, where you jump to the void tied to your loved-one. What can be more romantic than that?

Kayak ride

Outdoor activities: Kayak ride

The “kayak” boat is considered to have an eskimo origins, meaning “boat-of-man” or “piece of floating wood” in eskimo language. It was used to fish, but nowadays its use is mostly recreational. So, get your kayak, alone or with your friends, and go for a paddle through Barcelona´s clean waters and gorgeous coasts. It’s a great activity for a sunny day with the whole family. Plus, paddling a kayak is a great exercise that will strengthen the muscles of your back, shoulders and core.

The Montjuic “Rocódromo”

Located in the Sants-Montjuïc district of Barcelona, ​La Foixarda climbing wall is considered the largest urban climbing wall (“Rockódromo”) in Europe. The space was renovated for the 1992 Barcelona Olympic Games, becoming an outdoor training area for climbing lovers. It can be climbed by different routes with different difficulty degrees. The access to the climbing wall is free and you can go there and climb whenever you want, day or night.

Walk through the Parc de la Ciudadela

Walk through the Parc de la Ciudadela

The Parc de la Ciudadela is a huge natural space where you can disconnect from the frenzy city. It is the perfect place to let children run, visit the buildings and museums (such as the Zoology Museum, the Barcelona Zoo and the Catalunya Parliament) and grab something to eat on its numerous terraces. And don’t forget to check out the beautiful pond: there are even boats you can rent!

Sardana dancing

“Sardana” is a Catalan collective dance that is danced by men and women holding hands, forming a circle and tapping with the feet the compasses of the music. It has been claimed as the national dance and a Festive Heritage of Catalonia. You will surely see people dancing it in almost every Catalonian outdoors festival you go to.

Table tennis games

Table tennis games
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Another outdoor activity in Barcelona? Yes! In Barcelona there are more than a 100 Ping-pong tables distributed in public parks, gardens and even solars. They are rectangular, mostly blue and with vandal-proof steel nets. They are fun, easy to use and ready so you can spend a great time with the whole family. Just don´t forget to bring the ball and rackets! You can find some great public ping pong tables in the Jardins de Clotilde Cerdà, Parc de Diagonal Mar, Passeig de Sant Joan or the Plaça de la Sagrada Família.

Santa Cova de Montserrat Hiking Route

For all the hiking lovers, or those who just want to visit the Montserrat mountain for the first time, our recommendation is the Santa Cova de Montserrat Hiking Route. This is one of the most typical, accessible and pleasant walking routes in Montserrat, both for its ease and panoramic views. There are also several modernist religious monuments of great interest, representing the fifteen mysteries of Jesus’ life, passion, death and resurrection.



Kitesurfing has gained great popularity since it was invented in the 70´s, to the point that in 2016 it almost become an Olympic sport. It´s characterized by a kite hooked to the surfer that helps him or her to slide through the waves, jumping and doing tricks. In Barcelona you can have introductory courses to enjoy this awesome sport in a safe, fun way.

MACBA Skateboard

In skateboarding slang, a good place to skate is called a “spot”. Barcelona´s MACBA square is one of the most well-known spots in the skateboarding world, to the point that skaters from all around the world travel to the Mediterranean city only to try it. So, if you like to skate, roller skate, ride a bike, this is the place to be. Even if you don’t skate, we recommend you go there to hang out, meet new interesting people and enjoy the skating tricks.

Barcelona bike tour banner

Zip Line Routes

Zip-lining is one of the funnest, most exciting adventures you can have in a forest or an adventure park, and Barcelona is full of both. In the Barcelona area there are towns with zip-line circuits ready for all those who don’t have a fear of heights. The perfect place to connect with your inner Tarzan and enjoy climbing through ropes and sliding from tree to tree. Their tours are adapted to all kind of levels and ages, so grandma won’t have an excuse.



Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it´s paragliding! Floating through the air, moving with the wind and seeing people in the ground like little ants. Surfing the sky, touching the clouds and giving high fives to the birds. The Barcelona area is full of choices to have your “bautismo del aire” (air baptism), the first time you paraglide. In the beginning you will be helped by a professional instructor with lots of experience. You will receive a short lesson on how to take off, fly and land. From there, it´s only you and the sky.

Jet Ski

You choose the speed, the direction and then ride without obstacles or limitations. There are no traffic signs, traffic lights or speeding tickets. You can enjoy nautical tourism and, at the same time, enjoy the driving of a high-speed Jet Ski through the vastness of the sea. The feeling of freedom is hard to explain until you have tried it. So, put your motorcycle at full speed and launch yourself to discover the coasts, the beaches, the port and all the natural environment that surrounds the city of Barcelona.


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