The Trendiest Neighborhoods in Barcelona

Best places to visit in Barcelona

Barcelona is a city in which ethnics and cultures, history and traditions are mixed. The wonderful combination of tourists, students, visitors and locals transformed the districts of Barcelona into micro-universes, some of them very interesting hipster neighborhoods. In large cities, each district is like a small city, with its own inhabitants, shops, character and its own traditions and activities. This is one of the reasons why the neighborhoods in Barcelona are different and unique.

In each neighborhood of the Catalan capital, there is something special and exclusive to do and visit. Today we bring you a list of the trendiest neighborhoods in Barcelona, so you can learn about their essence, their history and get the most of out each one.

Barcelona’s neighborhoods: what to know

Gothic and El Born Neighborhoods

Ciutat Vella is the Barcelona area located on the right side of Las Ramblas Avenue, and that was also protected by the medieval walls of the Roman city known as Barcino. This area is divided into the Gothic area and the neighborhood known as El Born. The Gothic is the oldest Barcelona and the one that concentrates the most touristic benchmarks. The main activity of the Gothic area is to stroll and visit all its monuments: The Cathedral of Barcelona, the Sant Jaume Square, the Palau de la Generalitat and much more. On the other hand, El Born is the most cheerful, open and residential part of this neighborhood. El Born mainly revolves around 3 of its pillars: El Born Centre de Cultura i Memòria, the Picasso Museum and the Basílica of Santa María del Mar, symbols of their cultural, working and combative character. Its many clothing stores, specialty tasting restaurants and cocktail bars show that El Born is one of the most popular areas to get to know the city and to have a great time in Barcelona.

El Raval Neighborhood

The Raval neighborhood, located on the left side of Las Ramblas avenue, is one of the most characterful districts in the entire city. Its proximity to the downtown area and the affordable price of the apartments has made this neighborhood a long-time meeting point for young people, artists, immigrants, tourists and all kinds of people. That is the reason why today it is a unique experience to walk through its streets. In the Raval you can visit museums such as the CCCB, have a cup of tea in hipster coffee shops, enjoy a concert in the Jazzsi concert hall, buy exotic products in Arabian butcher shops, play basketball in one of its many courts, skate in the MACBA square, go see a movie in the Filmoteca de Catalunya and much more. Whether day or night, El Raval is one of the best places to enjoy in Barcelona.

Gràcia Neighborhood

Gràcia, as an old independent town that was integrated into Barcelona, has a special character and nowadays greatly represents one of the trendiest neighborhoods in Barcelona. Walking through its streets during the morning is the best way to experience the flavor of this area, since the feeling of being in a big city disappears. The Gràcia district combines the youthful and artistic atmosphere of its inhabitants with the character of a neighborhood with a very closed community. In its streets you can enjoy a beer in one of its hip bars, explore its many old bookstores, go to a cinema session in Verdi street, catch one of the multiple activities organized in social centers such as La Fontana, have a tea in one of their coffee shops and, above all, live life on the street in a way that does not occur in other areas of the city. In squares like Plaza de la Virreina or Plaza del Diamante you can observe the daily life of the Gràcia locals, one of the best places for young people and families in Barcelona. A hipster neighborhood with a character of its own that everyone falls in love with.

L’Eixample Neighborhood

L’Eixample neighborhood is the central area of the city that was built to unite the different neighborhoods, towns and areas that were part of the old Barcelona. Currently L’Eixample is divided into two areas, right and left. Both areas maintain their own essence. The right Eixample is known for its wide avenues, spacious apartments, bars and luxurious restaurants. The right part of the neighborhood has a more bourgeois character, high standing, and you can see the most modern restaurants, many cultural options such as museums and, above all, well-known brand shops. However, the left Eixample maintains a more real neighborhood character, with all kinds of inhabitants. In the left Eixample you can enjoy its alternative bars, its ethnic restaurants and centers of culture in Barcelona such as the Sant Antoni Books and Antiques Market.

Poble Sec Neighborhood

The Poble Sec, which in Spanish means Dry Town, is the neighborhood located between the medieval walls of Barcelona and the beginning of the Montjuic mountain. It is an authentic area with a lot of neighborhood life, with locals who have always resided there. In recent years, the neighborhood has been revalued thanks to the arrival of artists and young people who wanted to live at affordable prices and very close to the center. The Poble Sec Neighborhood is also a multicultural hipster neighborhood in which there is a great mix of nationalities. That gives it a flavor like El Raval, but with different forms. The Poble Sec has a more residential character that does not house so much with the Raval’s downtown consciousness. Its young and hip population has made the neighborhood an open destination for all kind of tourists, that will have a nice trip enjoying the emblematic bars and restaurants on Blai street, concert halls such as El Molino, theaters like Victòria, where you can see the latest theatre plays, and much more.

Now you know the trendiest neighborhoods in Barcelona, so choose what you are more interested in and come visit Barcelona! You’ll have a great time here!

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