Barcelona’s best drone flying locations

The most common question from beginner drone operators is “Where can I fly?” Everything comes with limitations! While it’s true that there are a lot of regulations in place, there are some unique areas in Barcelona where you can legally fly a drone. We’re here to bring you to a few locations in Barcelona where drone usage is not prohibited. These flying locations include expansive stretches, rocky coastlines, beaches and the vicinity of cities.

Remember that the data presented here is only indicative. As always, make sure you are aware of the limitations that apply to the flight area. Also keep in mind that you must be registered as the operator of whatever aircraft you plan to fly.


There are sizable natural regions near Avinyó where drone flying is not prohibited. You can find a few ideal locations for excellent photo and video opportunities. The vicinity of the Torre dels Soldats de Avinyó is the ideal place to take off and land. Being one of the highest spots, this is ideal for operating your drone. Additionally, you can use your FPV to practice long-range flying, record the tower or snap photos of Avinyó.

Constructed in the fourteenth century, it served as a military fortress. The four stories of the tower are adorned with coats of arms. Additionally, it is situated at the highest point in the area, which is ideal for maintaining our drone’s signal.


Arenys de Mar

Arenys de Mar is a tourist town in the Maresme region, in the province of Barcelona. It is located about 40 km northeast of Barcelona and about 15 km from Mataró, the capital of the region. This area is perfect to fly a drone without complications in the colder months, as there are no restrictions on drone flight and being on the beach, it will be easy to have peace of mind in winter.

To make your flight you must choose an area where you can take off and land safely. In addition, being a beach area, in case there are bathers you must be especially careful and comply with the data protection law. This drone flying area is close to public transport, making it perfect if you live in Barcelona and want to fly your drone.


Calella de Mar 

Calella de Mar is a coastal town in the province of Barcelona, in the Maresme region. Nowadays it is an eminently touristic town and has a wide area without restrictions for drone flights. You will be able to fly all along the coast without additional limitations to those imposed by drone legislation. When you are going to fly, choose an area away from people, where you can take off and land safely. Remember that if you are in an urban area you will have to ask permission to the City Council for occupation of public roads. 

It is not recommended to fly in this area in the summer months, bathing seasons and, of course, any time where there is affluence on the beach. A great area to fly drones without restrictions on the beach, although you must be careful that it is the right time. This area is not suitable for beginners because you will fly over the sea, where in case of any problem, you will lose the drone and you will also have more wind than in inland areas.


Undoubtedly the main attraction to fly your drone is the castle of Cardona in whose surroundings there are no restrictions to drone flight. One of the largest and best preserved castles in Catalonia. It was built in the ninth century and expanded in the thirteenth century. The castle has three towers, two of which are open to the public. The town’s salt mines are also a popular tourist attraction. 

Before flying in this area you should look for a suitable area to take off and land, because you are close to an urban center and inhabited areas. Check the rest of the applicable regulations if you are not sure about your flight. Keep in mind that the castle walls have a high density, so if you move the drone too far away or perform an operation that can cause interference and signal loss. 


Caldes de Montbui

Caldes de Montbui is is located in the Vallés Oriental region, about 60 km northeast of Barcelona. Caldes de Montbui is known for its thermal waters, which have been used since Roman times. The town also houses the Thermal Museum, which explores the history of the thermal waters of Caldes de Montbui.

In Caldes de Montbui you will find different unrestricted areas perfect for your first flights. Open spaces, without houses or constructions, where you can gain confidence with your drone. Check the areas with Google Earth to choose the most suitable area for the operation you want to perform.


By now you must have realized by now that operating a drone in the province of Barcelona can be difficult because there are multiple zones of controlled airspace. Ideally, you research on official platforms to confirm the possibility of flying your drone without negative consequences. Enjoy our Montjuic eBike tour during your visit to get a bird’s eye view of the city without having to take off!


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