8 Stunning Hidden Beaches near Barcelona

Enjoy these beautiful paradises on your next trip

The beaches of Catalonia are unique in the world, and not only because of their attractiveness. Forgotten bunkers of the Spanish Civil War, islands that appear and disappear with the tide and impregnable trails that lead to the most remote “calas” (coves) are some of the elements you will find in them. Not to mention the impressive rock formations, the colorful sand, its crystal-clear waters or the pine forests that give the landscapes that magical touch.

The city of Barcelona has multiple attractions, from the cultural and artistic aspect, to the gastronomy or its historical spaces. But there is a lot to see outside the city, especially when we leave the Barceloneta beach to visit the best coves of the province. Today we want to offer you a list of stunning hidden beaches near Barcelona, wonderful beaches and lovely coves that you can visit on a day trip. We have included information about the access to these beaches, the routes you must take or available services in each of them, so you can choose which one you want to visit during your trip.

Top calas and beaches near Barcelona

1. Platja de l’Illot

Where is it? Partida Aliga, 7, L’Ametlla de Mar,43860 Tarragona

Platja de l'Illot, beach near Barcelona
Image Source: Platja de l’Illot, Ametlla de Mar, Tarragona

The Platja de I’Illot, literally translated as the Islet Beach, is in L’Ametlla de Mar, Tarragona. This beach has crystal-clear waters and represents one of the biggest attractions of this small town.

To get to the beach you must leave the car on one of the nearby roads and walk for about 5 minutes through the GR 92 trail. Although it is not an overly complicated trail, it is advisable to use appropriate footwear to reach the beach, in addition to bringing your own food and refreshments, since you will not find any type of bar, shop or restaurant.

The feeling of being apart from the world is one of the most striking features of this beach, which despite being relatively close to the train tracks, gives its visitors this impression of tranquility. In addition, its green forests, its red rocks and the different tonalities of the sea, are important reasons why you should not forget your camera.

2. Platja Fonda

Where is it? Begur, 17255 Girona

Platja Fonda, one of the best hidden beaches near Barcelona
Image Source: Platja Fonda, Begur, Barcelona

The Fonda Beach, in the municipality of Begur, stands out for its great wall. To get to this beach, composed of dark color sands due to the mix of minerals, you must first go down a staircase that, although it is not excessively complicated, is not recommended for children or the elderly. In addition to its tonalities, there are other curious features in the beach surroundings, such as the old weather station reconverted to a viewpoint or its submerged town. A real treat for snorkel and dive lovers.

This virgin beach has about 130 meters of width and 30 of length, and due to its relatively easy access is one of the most visited beaches of the town, without forgetting that its crystal-clear waters attract locals and foreign tourists.

3. Platja del Portitxol

Where is it? Passeig Dr. Pi i Llussà, s / n, L’Escala, 17130 Girona

Platja del Portitxol, L'Escala, Girona
Image Source: Platja del Portitxol, L’Escala, Girona

Located a few meters from the Archaeological Museum of Empúries, between L’Escala and Sant Martí d’Empúries, you will find the Portitxol beach. It is a beach that stands out for its natural environment. Those who visit it for the first time highlight the pine forest and the extensive sandbanks, along with its calm waters and golden sand. In the southern part you will find the point of Les Coves, a rocky area whose stones spotlight for their odd shapes. On this occasion, it is not a virgin beach, since in it you can find different services such as showers and public restrooms, lifeguards, or the Empúries Hotel Terrace, located a few meters from the beach.

4. Cala Estreta

Where is it? Cala Estreta, s / n. Palamós 17230 Girona

Cala Estreta, Palamós Beach near Barcelona
Image Source: Cala Estreta, Palamós Barcelona

Cala Estreta is one of the beautiful hidden beaches near Barcelona. It is located in La Costa Brava, about 20 minutes walking from Platja del Castell. Cala Estreta is in a natural environment, where you will not find any sign of bars or buildings. Its rock ledge, also known as “La Roja” (The red), is one of this beaches icon. “El Drac Adormit” (The Sleeping Dragon) is another of the rock formations that you will find in the western part of the beach and is one of its most photographed elements. Its crystalline waters and rocky bottoms make it another great option to spend a great day at the beach.

5. Cala Futadera

Where is it? Cala Futadera, Tossa de Mar, 17320 Girona

Cala Futadera, Tossa de Mar, Girona
Image Source: Cala Futadera, Tossa de Mar, Girona

Cala Futadera, also known as the “la Cala dels 300 Graons” (Beach of the 300 steps) or Pentine is located in Tossa de Mar. This virgin beach that usually has a remarkably low occupation is known for the 300 steps that separate it from civilization. Again, the forests full of pine trees and crystal turquoise waters make this cove a small paradise that is a little difficult to access.

Cala Futadera is a naturist beach, so you can practice nudism without getting in trouble.
In this fantastic beach you have the possibility of anchoring a small boat to spend the afternoon and contemplate the incredible sunsets offered by this unique location.

6. Platja de Sant Simó – del Fortí o “del Bunker”

Where is it? Mataró, 08302 Barcelona

Platja de Sant Simó, del Fortí o del Búnker, nice beach near Barcelona-mataro
Image Source: Platja de Sant Simó, Mataró, Barcelona

This paradise in Mataró is one of the most popular hidden beaches near Barcelona. It offers a place of fine, golden sand with little occupation, but also allows you to contemplate the Spanish Civil War bunker located on the beach, giving its name to it. Platja del Fortí o del Búnker is a narrow nudist beach with white sand. You can access on foot, by bicycle, motorbike or by car from Mataró. It should be noted that these forts are the last remnants of the Republican defense line in this maritime zone and that, although many historians work to conserve them, the weather conditions have affected them. Anyhow, this is a beach with a lot of history.

7. Platja de Sant Sebastià

Where is it? Carrer Port de n’Alegre, s / n, Sitges, 08870 Barcelona

Sant Sebastià Beach, Sitges, Barcelona
Image Source: Sant Sebastià Beach, Sitges, Barcelona

Located in the town of Sitges, this beach near Barcelona is known for being beach with many other beaches within. Its golden sand, its services and its easy accessibility make it the number one choice for locals and foreigners. From the sand of Sant Sebastià beach you can see the town’s well-known turret, which adds a historical touch to the sights. About 50 minutes from the center of Barcelona, Sitges offers a more comfortable option for all those who wish to spend a day on the beach without having to walk complicated trails or long routes to reach the water. Perfect to go with children and the elderly, this beach is a beautiful place not only in summer but at any season of the year. But be aware that the waves may reach the boardwalk in the windy days.

8. Platja del Canyadell

Where is it? Altafulla, 43893 Tarragona

Cala Canyadell, beautiful beach close to Barcelona
Image Source: Platja del Canyadell, Altafulla, Tarragona

The small town of Altafulla, just an hour away from Barcelona, has among its virtues several beaches that are worth visiting, although this time we want to highlight the Canyadell cove. A small sandy beach with several white houses that make a beautiful picture. As in many other beaches in Catalonia, the sand intermingles with the lush pine trees forests. Its occupation is not excessively high so, if you are looking for a quiet place and relatively close to the Catalan capital, Canyadell is an interesting option. An important feature that we must highlight is that it has access for people with disabilities. Its little depth and the rock formations are perfect for taking a bath and rest for the day, waiting to contemplate the incredible sunsets.

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