Where to enjoy Live Music in Barcelona

Barcelona is rich in musical heritage and has birthed amazing artists known worldwide, such as Rosalía. This is a city with a limitless nightlife that has been mentioned as one of the best in Europe. So any day of the week is always good for a night out on the town.

Walking through its street you will notice that music is definitely a major influence in the identity of this bohemian city. All music genres from rock, flamenco, jazz, blues and more are present in every curious little corner you pass by. So we’ve decided to make a list for you of some of the best venues in Barca to enjoy live music.


3. Best places to see live music in Barcelona - Craft Barcelona-min

A small and very lively place to hang out at and enjoy a big selection craft beers. The crowd is young, a bit hipster and also fairly international as the bar’s very centrally located. Known for their well-priced pintxo-style tapas and also their sangria, Craft Barcelona is a place to spend at least a few hours having a good time.

Craft was founded on the idea of celebrating life and enjoying the small things that make us happy. This all includes time with friends, a cold beer with good food and good music. Besides the live music in the basement you can enjoy stand-up comedy and many more activities. Locals and tourists from all over the world dig a cool spot like this. Definitely worth a visit!

Carrer del Paradís, 4



4. Best places to see live music in Barcelona - Sidecar-min

Since 1982, Sidecar has been a hit as one of the underground music venues in Barcelona. When entering this venue you find yourself with a lounge and a bar, then a bit further ahead you’ll see staircases taking you to an underground club. It has a cave-like feel to it, making it a very intimate experience to enjoy some live music. Sidecar is a place where Barcelona converges, underground.

Despite the club’s small size it has a big impact when it comes to music in the city. It’s been home to thousands of musical events in over 35 years. The genres mostly played are electro, disco and funk, obvious ingredients for a good time. More famous bands tend to come and play here but you can also find local acts.

Plaza Reial, 7 



1. Best places to see live music in Barcelona - Harlem Jazz Club-min

Known as the oldest concert hall in Barcelona, Harlem Jazz Club is one of the most legendary jazz clubs in the city. With  a colourful atmosphere you’re in for a good time. Everything from the staff, to the cocktails and food and especially the reasonable prices make this one of Barcelona’s best options.

With live music options ranging from jazz, and funk to soul, the night will not have a dull moment. After the live gigs you can enjoy the dancefloor and sets by a local DJ while you sip on a nice drink. If you’re someone who likes to have fun in a vibrant ambiance that’s a bit more mature, this is the place for you.

Carrer Comtessa de Sobradiel, 8



2. Best places to see live music in Barcelona - Helioglabal-min

Founded in 1995, Heliogàbal is a popular cultural association and bar in Gràcia, which aims to serve as a platform for the development and promotion of artistic and cultural activities. Some of the events that take place at this venue are live concerts, audiovisual presentations, painting exhibitions and more.

Other activities such as the poetic projects, book and magazine presentations also take place here. This bar thrives on having a very well curated music offering in a slightly arty ambiance. You can enjoy Heliogàbal with your group friends or even on a nice date. And with a capacity for only 66 guests, you’ll feel nice and cozy.

Carrer de Ramón y Cajal, 80



5. Best places to see live music in Barcelona - BIG BANG BAR-min

Remodeled from a 19th century tavern, you can feel the richness in culture and heritage as soon as you walk in. Here you can soak yourself in all genres of music every night from Jazz to rock and flamenco to cabaret. Other events also take place, such as dance, movie and theatre shows. In typical Spanish fashion you can have a seat at the bar and feel the effervescent atmosphere that complements the music.

Big Bang Bar is a good option in Barcelona for a more musical night out. You can enjoy a couple of drinks while listening to a great jam session or even better, an acoustic concert. This venue’s one of the best places to enjoy jazz and when the show is over, a DJ takes the stage to keep the night going.

Carrer d’En Botella, 7


So, there you go. A few of the best places to see live music in Barcelona, hopefully you’ll be able to take advantage at some point soon in 2021. And if you want to see a bit more of Barcelona during the day then don’t forget to take a look at our Barcelona eBike Tour TOP 10.

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