Great Poke Bowl Spots in Barcelona!

Poke is a delicious, healthy, highly nutritious, affordable, and convenient meal while you’re on the go. With a multitude of options on the menu and the unique sauces, this is a dish that never gets boring. If you’ve never heard of poke bowls, we’re here to help you get acquainted. Poke bowls are a dish that is on the rise today, with more and more restaurants dedicated to this type of healthy eating. 

A good example of this is to see how restaurants and places that offer poke bowls have multiplied in Barcelona. These could be bowls filled with healthy ingredients, rice, quinoa or vegetables, and various toppings such as cucumber, fish, avocado, tomato, and more. And the best part is that you can personalize it!

If you want to try it too, don’t miss this list of the best poke bowls in Barcelona


Poke Maoli

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The poke fever arrived in Barcelona with the opening of the first takeaway specializing in this Hawaiian dish which was Poké Maoli. It is one of the most popular places among Barcelonans to buy poke bowls, especially since it is located next to Barceloneta beach. 

Another of its attractions is that they offer a brand of tea that is quite difficult to find and also of Hawaiian origin: Kailani tea. Poké Maoli offers two or three seats for you to taste your poke on the spot, but the main option is to go. You can orders a small poke with 300gr or a large poke with 450gr. The spicy option is delicious, as is the vegetarian. If you are more of a creative foodie, you can make your own poke bowl. 

Carrer de Sevilla, 80




The Hip Fish

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The Hip Fish is a small place where you can discover novelty poké. Here you can find poké bowls but also a poké salad and the sushi burrito. Three types of dishes that can ultimately be found on the same plate because the portions are also customizable. You can choose between S, M and Large and compose according to your appetite. Then choose between rice and quinoa for the bowl, mesclun or kale for the salad. Multiple types of fish, sides and sauces can finish your meal. There’s no excuse not to have the perfect dish at the end.

A moldable dish that will please both vegetarians and fish lovers. A fashion that could not escape the young fans of healthy food who have just found this place in the trendy district of Gràcia.

Carrer de la Providència, 1 Bis




The Fresh Poke

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The Fresh Poke is a great place to eat poke bowls in Barcelona. Located in the heart of Eixample, The Fresh Poke offers you a healthy, economical and delicious options. In their bowls, they introduce the best proteins, carbohydrates and healthy fats.

At The Fresh Poke, they combine the concept of sushi and salad in one dish, meaning you can choose between a rice or quinoa base. Here you can choose a created bowl or design your own, choosing from more than 30 ingredients, being able to enjoy up to 100 possible combinations. Without a doubt, one of the best poke bowls in Barcelona.

Avinguda Diagonal, 357




Poke Sí

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Poké Sí is one of Barcelona’s best-known poke bowl restaurants. It is completely gluten-free and vegan. There are four locations in Barcelona with the most popular located in Les Corts, in each of them they try to offer the best culinary experience always supported by the fresh and quality products typical of this dish. This restaurant has been able to reinvent the Pacific recipe by adding ‘umami’ to the bitter, sweet, sour and salty flavors of poke, which in Japanese means pleasant and delicious taste. 

But, without a doubt, what stands out the most about Poké Sí are their incredible sauces. To create them, they have a haute cuisine chef who designs them around the umami flavor. It is subtle and difficult to describe, although the most remarkable thing is that it enhances the good taste of other foods. In addition, in Poké Sí you can choose either an already created bowl or create your own, choosing the ingredients you like the most.

Carrer de Casanova, 189




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Tiki Poké is a poke bowl restaurant in Barcelona, located in Les Corts. Here you can enjoy delicious bowls made with sushi rice, quinoa or brown rice. You can choose between one of their classics or create one by choosing the ingredients. 

Every month they have special toppings, so you can always enjoy a new combination of your poke bowl. But here you can also taste other types of bowls, such as the Açai Bowl Vegan, made with almond milk, fruits, granola, nuts and goji berries. A delight for our palate!

Avinguda Diagonal, 535




Señor Piña

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Known as the secret Gothic terrace, Señor Piña, is much more than one of the best Poke Bowls in Barcelona. In the heart of the Gothic neighborhood, there is a secret terrace which you can enjoy all year round. The cuisine is inspired by real food being healthy, nutritious and tasty dishes. They use local products, sustainable fish and their personal touch with innovative ingredients. If you have trouble deciding, you can choose some of the combinations they have already created. They also have vegan and vegetarian options.

Señor Piña has 2 locations in town. The first place was opened in front of the Olympic Port, an ideal option to eat your bowl while looking at the sea. And the second, in the Gothic, is a favorite. If you go there, you will understand why. Its secret terrace is the ideal place to relax. It doesn’t look like you’re right in the center of Barcelona, ​​but if you look up at the sky, you’ll find you’re surrounded by historic buildings like the Pi Cathedral.

Carrer de la Boqueria, 23




If you’re craving poké like there’s no tomorrow you’re in luck with this list. Enjoy this tasty cuisine after our Historical eBike Tour


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