The Tips You Need Before Visiting the Camp Nou

Top Recommendations to visit the stadium

The Camp Nou has been the home of FC Barcelona since it opened its doors in 1957. The gigantic stadium can hold a staggering 99,364 spectators – it’s only fitting that the largest stadium in Europe belongs to one of its most iconic teams.

Are you planning to enjoy a tour of the beautiful stadium or its museum? Here’s a closer look at the tips to visit FC Barcelona and get the most from your trip.

#1 Don’t Visit On Game Day

Barcelona plays a lot of games at home each season. La Liga fixtures alone mean that Barça plays 19 times at home – the number quickly grows with European and cup fixtures added into the mixture too.

Each of these games gets very busy, and the stadium is closed for tours and visits. Before planning your visit, you should be sure to check out the first team schedule. This will help you to find an empty slot to visit the stadium.

By visiting on a quiet day, you will be able to enjoy having the stadium to yourself and marveling in its glory. It’s an interesting experience to see the stadium in this new light!

#2 Check Out the Museum

The FC Barcelona Museum originally opened its doors in 1984. The museum underwent a significant restructuring period, though, and opened in its most recent form again in 2010.

The museum gives you the opportunity to get up close and personal with Barça history. You can learn about the legendary players, the unforgettable matches, and see the hard-won trophies for yourself.

The memorabilia on offer here is breathtaking and you’ll be sure to love it. You can also visit the audiovisual and multimedia area to delve deeper into Barcelona’s rich 120-year history. The Messi Space is dedicated to the Argentine superstar – potentially the best to ever play the game.

#3 Get the Full Picture

The stadium is huge and the heart of FC Barcelona – but it’s just one part of the story. The city and its people are part of the rich history of the club and its touch can be felt everywhere.

Our guided FC Barcelona Camp Nou ebike tour whisks you through the city to see those key areas. On a comfortable eBike, you will see Barcelona’s old town, the Gothic Quarter, Raval (the original home of the team), and the Born. You will be introduced to key moments and locations along the way, before going to Les Corts to see the stadium itself.

This is one of the most comfortable ways to visit Camp Nou and celebrate the club’s unique and constantly-evolving history.

#4 Choose the Best Transport Method

If you decide to make your own way to the stadium, you will want to find the transport method that works best for you.

The official FC Barcelona website has some guidance on getting to the Camp Nou. Essentially, there are lots of public transport links and parking is available if you are visiting for the Camp Nou Experience.

A taxi from the city center will not take too long. Of course, you can always enjoy your tour to get there on a fast and comfortable eBike!

#5 What to See at the Camp Nou

The Camp Nou Experience and FC Barcelona Museum will take most people around two hours, but this can be much longer if you decide to see each piece of memorabilia in full depth.

The museum is divided into three main sections. The first is the historic section, the “Futbol Art” collection and a range of temporary exhibits. Each section has a rich variety of things to see. You can even hold the Champion’s League Cup, but the prices for a photo can be quite steep.

#6 Think About Dining Arrangements

There are quite a few places to grab a bite, but you might want to wait until you get inside the stadium before you decide to eat. There is a small courtyard that overlooks the field and you can grab snacks a drink here – the perfect place to take it all in.

Enjoy Your Camp Nou Experience!

We hope that you are feeling prepared for your visit to the Camp Nou! You’ll have an amazing time and it really does feel special to be so close to a significant place in sporting history.

Looking for the most comprehensive and fun experience? Find out about our Camp Nou eBike tour.


Photo by Nick Fewings on Unsplash

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