A few of the best cooking classes in Barcelona

Nobody is born knowing how to do anything and cooking is no exception. Even if you know how to cook, you can always improve your culinary skills. This post is for you if you want to have fun learning kitchen secrets and savouring what you’ve made. These are some of Barcelona’s top cooking classes. Take note, budding chefs:

Aula Gastronòmica

There isn’t much of a better place for a cooking school than Aula Gastronòmica, which is right outside Cathedral Square, just a few steps from La Boquería and the Santa Caterina market. Both conventional cooking like rice, meat, fish, etc. and international cooking like Japanese, Thai, Mexican, are covered in its workshop program. Even the world of tastings, pairings and drinks can be introduced by the team. 

Not only that, if you belong to a group or a business, they can organize market cooking seminars including inventive vegetarian, Asian or Japanese cuisine. They also offer tastings of wine and gins and discuss the appropriate pairings. The center’s workshops, which include two rooms for cooking and tasting, are made to accommodate both novice cooks and more seasoned amateurs. They have the choice of monthly workshops with five sessions for 200 euros or single-session workshops for about 45 euros, which can also be bought as gifts.

Carrer dels Sagristans, 5



Born to Cook

Born to Cook is housed in a historic building in El Born that was formerly home to Christopher Columbus’ family, at least according to some historians. Today, you’ll find a kitchen workshop where the pupils’ gourmet skills are elevated to new levels. Here, several workshops are taught. They are instructed by trained chefs, who’re often from the same nations as the workshops’ cuisines. 

Many classes are taught by chefs specialized in the respective subjects. In each workshop, in which at least 12 people participate, a minimum of four dishes are prepared and then eaten after two and a half hours on the stove. Classes cost about 60 euros on average. They also set up personalized activities for private groups, from team building to live cooking dinners.

Carrer de Mirallers, 9



Enjoy Cooking Barcelona – Coquus

With his extensive expertise running the Bellart school for more than ten years, David Lienas has chosen to head a solo initiative. Enjoy Cooking in Barcelona – with Coquus. The classes range from the traditional, like tapas, rice, pasta, and Mediterranean cuisine, to those more exotic dishes of Southeast Asian cuisine, sushi and more. There’s even molecular gastronomy among the workshops for aspiring amateurs. 

Not only that, you can also set up courses for companies, groups of friends celebrating anniversaries or bachelor parties at Enjoy Cooking. They tailor to any situation – including vegan options. Spanish, Catalan, French and English are available as options for the language of instruction, and they also offer online courses. Their classes last between three and four hours and start at 40 euros.

Carrer de Ferrer de Blanes, 7




It is challenging to find a cooking school with as many activities as the ones offered by BCNKitchen, which has three locations to handle the vast offering. There are roughly 90 activities per month, whether for private groups, businesses or amateurs who are encouraged to take part in their cooking classes that include: rice, Asian cuisines, Mexican cuisine, Peruvian, inventive tapas and skewers, sushi and more. The options are endless.

The three-hour sessions conclude with a full lunch or dinner at a table where the chef who taught the lesson also sits. The typical cost of these courses is 50 euros, whereas the intensive versions, which have four sessions lasting three hours each, cost 200 euros. They work on grains, meats, seafood, desserts, stocks, etc.

Various Locations



Sabores Taller de Cocina

The director of Sabores taller de cocina, Daniel Chozas, emphasizes that practice is the key to learning and in order to do that, students must put their skills into practice, while following the instructions of a chef who specializes in the topic. To do just that, the chefs here lead a workshop that lasts around two and a half hours and concludes with a lunch or dinner with the menu being what was just cooked.

There’s plenty to learn here: Thai food, Japanese food, chocolate, creative tapas with a Michelin star, etc. There’s also some focus on the healthy lunchbox – as some people often eat pasta salad at their jobs. They reveal how to prepare meals that are affordable, have the required nutritional components, and can be finished in the office microwave. There are 18 distinct courses with prices ranging from €45 to €55. A month-long intensive is available for those who wish to dive deeper into cooking knowledge. Introduction to pastry, fish and side dishes, meats and stir-fries, soups, creams, and broths. 

Carrer de Sant Lluís, 58. 



Enjoy an amazing cooking class at one of these dedicated locations and learn some culinary secrets along the way, while also enjoying your prepared dish after. Make the best of your day with our Gaudí eBike Tour and treat your senses with the best of the gustatory and visual sides of Barcelona.


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