The Pros & Cons of eBikes Vs. Regular Bicycles

The latest statistics show that the eBike industry will generate a staggering 20 billion U.S. dollars in revenue by 2023. That means an estimated 130 million electric bicycles will be sold by 2023!

What’s driving all this growth?

Well, electric bicycles are awesome! Countless people around the world are trading in their traditional bicycles for these efficient and sustainable electric alternatives for a range of reasons.

Thinking of joining them?

The Pros and Cons of Electric Bicycles (eBikes)

Let’s dive into the pros and cons of electric bicycles to help you decide whether or not it’s time to take the plunge and zip into an electric future.

Pro: A relatively cheap and sustainable way to get around quickly

If you live in a city, you’ll know that it’s becoming more and more expensive to travel from a to b. Metro and train tickets increase in price on a regular basis, and owning a car is a very expensive and often cumbersome way to navigate an urban center.

These high prices mean that more and more people are turning to electric bicycles as a more reasonably priced alternative.

While the initial upfront cost of an electric bicycle is often quite high, you can rest assured that you’ll quickly recoup that cost as you save on taxis, train tickets, and other types of charges.

In fact, many people find that they make their money back within just a few months of riding their shiny new electric bicycle.

And don’t forget that carbon emissions are a lot lower from eBikes compared to options like cars, too. It’s a sustainable way to get around.

Pro: A fun way to socialize

Bike rides with friends and family are a lot of fun, but it’s no secret that they can sometimes become a hassle. Some people in the group might fall behind, while others will want to take it easy and relish the more social side of things.

If you and your friends have electric bicycles you get to enjoy the best of both worlds: you can get in a great workout if that’s what you’re looking for, and you can also take things slow and enjoy the ride.

Best of all, you could even take your electric bicycles for a meal and still dine in style without worrying about sweating too much!

Pro: Become healthier

Electric scooters and wheels are becoming very popular, too, but they don’t quite offer the same health benefits of electric bicycles. With these elegant tools, you’re able to get around quickly and also cater the workout to your exact needs.

Many people will take their electric bicycle and use it in a manual mode to satisfy their daily calorie goals, for instance, and then switch over to the electric mode. This means that electric bicycles are the perfect companion for those people hoping to get in better shape.

The mental health benefits of cycling are well documented, too. Studies have shown that regular riding can help to synchronise circadian rhythms and that this helps to reduce levels of stress hormones.

If you’re a creative soul, there’s nothing like a quick bike ride to clear your head and get your creative juices flowing too!

Pro: Cycle without the sweat

Regular bicycles are great, but we all know the main complaint: it’s often very difficult to cycle without building up a sweat. This can make regular bicycles an impractical option if you’re going to work or plan on meeting with friends.

Thankfully, electric bicycles give you all the speed and portability of a regular bicycle, while also helping you to cut back on the sweat that you generate! This means that electric bicycles are truly the best option if you’re going to use it on a daily basis.

If you live in warmer climates, too, you’ll really appreciate the option to assist your riding and get around without too much exertion.

Pro: Extend your range

Ebikes allow you to go far beyond what you’d be able to do with a normal bike. Because pedalling on an eBike needs a lot less force, you can easily double the range of your ride.

Not only that, eBikes allow you to climb steep slopes that you would never be able to climb normally – unless you are a (semi-)professional rider, of course. This means that with an eBike you can explore places that were previously unreachable, like the Montjuic mountain in BCN.

Ebikes are a great equalizer too. Imagine you are planning to do a bike trip with your family. Children and elderly people can have difficulty keeping up with parents and teenagers. Ebikes allow everyone to go together in a pack, without exhausting anyone or a slower part of the group falling behind.

Con: Quite an expensive investment

In terms of the downsides of electric bicycles, higher-quality models will often come at quite a high cost. This high initial price can be intimidating for new owners looking to purchase their first electric bicycle, but it shouldn’t be a true barrier.

As we touched on earlier, many electric bike owners find that they make back their initial investment very quickly indeed. After a few months of traveling through the city without paying for public transport, you’ll even feel that your pockets are somewhat fuller than before!

Con: Requires some research into legal status

One potential downside of electric bicycles is the complexity around their legal status in some places. Some cities are slower than others when it comes to incorporating new rules and regulations for these bikes, which can cause some complexity.

This downside can quickly be remedied, though, if you put in the appropriate amount of research before making your investment. Some cities like Barcelona, for instance, have clear rules and regulations around how electric bicycles are treated in traffic. 

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