How to See Barcelona by Bike: Your Complete Guide


Barcelona is a jewel along the Mediterranean coast. Its wide streets and beaches are washed in sunshine, making it an ideal place to travel by bike. There are more than 200 kilometers of bike lanes in Barcelona, offering you a safe and comfortable way to get around the city. Wanting to learn more about bikes and Barcelona? Here’s a closer look.

Is Barcelona good for bicycles?

Barcelona is not normally renowned for its biking infrastructure, but the city council has made significant investments in recent years. The city is now very comfortable for bike users. This comfort means that there are now thousands of bikes in the city and this number increases each day!

This is great for Barcelona and the environment at large. It’s also amazing for residents and tourists alike.

The city has its own bike rental service, but this is exclusively for the use of residents. There are multiple bike rental companies in the city and we are very proud to offer the best bike tours at the best prices. These companies vary in terms of quality and scope, so you should be sure to do your research before you choose one of them.


Visit Barcelona by bicycle

Why visit Barcelona by bicycle

If you are visiting Barcelona and you want to see as much of the glistening city as possible, a bike is a perfect option. Here’s a look at the main reasons to visit Barcelona by bike.

# Flexible

With a bicycle, you are free to hop on and hop off as you like. This flexibility means that you can get an up-close and personal look at the details that make Barcelona such a beautiful city. There are no restrictions!

# Comprehensive

It is very easy to travel through Barcelona using a bike. Sat comfortably on your bike, you can comfortably whizz through the city to see as much of the glistening Mediterranean metropolis as possible.

# Enjoyable

Barcelona is such a popular holiday destination in the summer thanks to its great weather. If you take a bike, it’s easy to enjoy the sun and the warmth. This makes a bike tour in Barcelona a far superior option when compared to sitting on a stuffy metro!


# Healthy

Holidays are all about trying new things and indulging in new experiences. If you want to start working off the churros and other delicious treats as quickly as possible, a bike tour offers you a healthy and active way to move through the city.

# Sustainable

Barcelona is making serious attempts to be a green city that provides a healthy environment for residents and visitors alike. This is one of the key reasons that it is investing in biking infrastructure – by using those bikes, you will play an important role in keeping Barcelona as green as possible.


Visti Barcelona by bicycle


Tips for seeing Barcelona by bike

Looking to get the most from your bicycle tour in Barcelona? Here’s a closer look at some of the top tips to help you enjoy the experience as much as possible.

1. Know the best spots

If you want to enjoy riding your bicycle, it’s important that you know the top areas for biking in Barcelona. These places are well equipped to handle bikes and there are lots to do and see here – we suggest that you predominantly enjoy those places.

2. Pay attention to traffic

Barcelona is a thriving city and as such, the roads can get quite busy. The bike lanes offer you safe passage through the city, but you should always be cautious and aware to stay on top of any potential hazards and keep yourself safe.

3. Be aware of pedestrians

Barcelona is a beautiful place to see whether by foot or on a bike. Pedestrians have a tendency to wander, so you should be careful and make sure that you are using the bike paths properly.

How to visit Barcelona by bike

Be sure to check out our cycling guide for Barcelona. This guide will tell you everything that you need to know to enjoy a safe and fun bicycle trip in Barcelona.

The guide covers everything that you need to know, including:

  • How to understand traffic laws
  • How to choose the best bike
  • How to ride safely
  • How to use bike lanes
  • How to plan for the weather.

The Best Guided bike tours in Barcelona

Are you looking for the best-guided bike tours in Barcelona?

There are lots of options out there and here at bebike, we are proud to offer the very best on the market. Our Top 10 eBike Tour is very popular and whisks visitors through the ten most famous spots in Barcelona.

Over the course of the 1.5-hour tour, you will pass through three distinct districts of Barcelona while seeing some of the most emblematic icons in the city.

Enjoy Your Bike Tour in Barcelona!

We hope that this closer look at how to see Barcelona by bike has been useful for you. The city is very fun to explore on two wheels, so we hope that you’ll make the most of the tours that are available to you.

Interested in learning more? Be sure to learn more about our eBike tours in Barcelona– we can’t wait to see you here!

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