6 ideas for the best Christmas gifts from Barcelona

6 ideas for the best Christmas gifts from Barcelona

If you ask anyone about their favorite part of the Christmas, 90% of the people will probably say “gifts.” Whether it is to receive them or to give them, Christmas is synonymous with asking Santa Claus, the Three Wise Men or directly to your family, what you most want and have not yet bought. But for some people, buying gifts for the family can be a stressful endeavor. Shopping, walking through big crowds, standing in line, trying to find the perfect gift. Unfortunately, Barcelona is no exception to that. But, first: where does the habit of gift-giving come from?

The origin of the exchange of gifts goes back to ancient Rome, where the Saturnalia party was held long before Christmas even existed. Between the 17th and the 24th of December, Saturn, god of grain and agriculture, were honored with large banquets and exchanges of gifts. It is said that the tradition has its origin in this Roman festival, although some relate them with the gifts of the Three Wise Men to Jesus. In Saturnalia, initially, citizens exchanged arrangements of laurel branches, which were supposed to bring good luck, the children received clay dolls that were bought at the fair; they also exchanged homemade cakes and sweets, especially in the poor class; for the upper class, the gifts were usually jewelry.

Of course, something like jewelry is always a great gift. But if you want to be original and happen to be in Barcelona, you have lots of choices to get an unforgettable gift for that special someone. And it’s not just about finding something cool or expensive but finding something unique. There are many options to choose a rare gift; something that is typical from Barcelona but at the same time represents what we feel about the person to whom we deliver it. It can be useful or merely decorative. It can be an object, a game, or even something to eat or drink.

But if there is one thing millennials get right is that the best gift is an experience. Objects can break, and material possessions lose their value over time. However, great memories and experiences grow and get bigger and shinier over time. Creating a good memory is something that has no value, so giving an unforgettable experience as a gift is something you shouldn´t rule out.

Keeping this in mind, we bring you today a list of recommendations for gifts, all of them typical from Barcelona.

1. A Catalonian sausage selection

Catalan sausages are famous all over Spain and the rest of the world for their delicious taste. In each of the different areas of Catalonia, they are prepared differently, creating an immense variety of flavors, colors, and shapes. You can choose between “Bull blanc,” “Butifarra Negra,” “Espetec,” “Fuet,” “Llonganissa” and more. That’s why our recommendation for the gifts is that you visit a traditional market, Like La Boquería or Santa Caterina, head to the butcher shop and ask for the best sausage selection they have. If your special one is a meat lover, she or he will be delighted with your present!

A Catalonian sausage selection

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2. A Leo Messi shirt

FC Barcelona is one of the best-known brands around the world, thanks in part to Lionel Messi, the best football player right now, and considered the best player of all time by a lot of people. Hundreds of thousands of fans travel to Barcelona every year to watch him play, and their visit to the stadium always ends at the “Botiga del Barça,” one of the largest stores of Barça products ever built. In the city of Barcelona, you can find many official shops to buy all kinds of products with the logo of the Catalan football team at a very different range of prices. But there is no coolest gift in the world than the FC Barcelona official shirt with Leo Messi´s number 10 printed on the back, even if you aren´t an FC Barcelona fan this is one of the best ideas for Christmas gifts from Barcelona!

Leo Messi shirt

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3. A “porró català”

A “Porró Catalá” is a conically shaped glass jar. It has a narrow hole in the upper part and a long tip on the front part from where the liquid sprouts when the Porró is tilted. This type of jar comes from the medieval times, and it´s been part of the Catalonian shepherds wear for centuries. Nowadays it´s used in celebrations such as barbeques, “calçotadas” (typical vegetal barbeques) and verbenas (festivals). Using it is very simple, yet complicated at the same time: you start by pouring the liquid into your mouth while separating the “Porró” from it, creating a stream of wine that flies from the Porró to your opened mouth. Fun and refreshing at the same time!

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4. “Torrons,” Artisan Nougat

Nowadays you can buy “Torrons” throughout the year, but it is especially at Christmas when these delights become more appetizing. There is all kind of nougats: from the classic and traditional, to the most varied flavors. Even for those who can not take sugar or those who prefer a vegan diet. If you want to surprise with an ideal Christmas gift, a selection of handmade nougat will always leave you in the right place.

Torrons for Christmas

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5. A bottle of cava

Spain produces cava in different regions, but the most notable amount comes from Catalonia, specifically Barcelona. Sant Sadurní d’Anoia is the most significant production place. Choosing cava as a gift for Christmas can be a great success. The bottles are sold separately or in boxes. Usually, for these days special packages or baskets are prepared because it is a pretty representative Christmas gift for people in Barcelona.

A bottle of cava, christmas gift

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6. An eBike Tour

An electric bike tour around Barcelona is a unique experience for everybody, even if you are a resident in this marvelous city: you can effortlessly climb the hardest slopes, reach Barcelona´s most hidden corners and meet some of the lesser known monuments of the city. Enjoy the experience with your partner, your friends, your family or by yourself. Choose between the great variety of routes through the city: the one centered in the Antonio Gaudí work, the one through the boardwalk or the one that visits the beautiful Sarrià neighborhood. A cool idea for Christmas gifts from Barcelona your loved ones will enjoy for sure!

An eBike Tour around Barcelona

Would you recommend another tremendous Catalan gift? Tell us in the comments section.


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