Barcelona for Vegans, the perfect city tour

The perfect City Tour in Barcelona for Vegans

A collection of Vegan Shops, Organic Markets, Vegan Restaurants, Bakeries, or Vegan Fast Food

Vegans differ from vegetarian in rejecting not only meat nor fish but any food of animal origin, such as milk, honey, eggs or conventional cheeses. But above all, veganism it´s a lifestyle based on respect for animals, which involves using natural cosmetics and avoiding wool, silk or leather, for example.
Since 2016 Barcelona is ‘Veg-Friendly’, meaning a city that is friendly to vegetarian and vegan culture. The proposal was approved by the majority of political groups of the city council, which wanted to position the city as a reference in pro-vegan activism and against animal suffering. In this way, they continued with the crusade initiated by the laws against animal mistreatment and the prohibition of bullfights in Catalonia.

To show its support for the vegan cause, Barcelona has joined an international campaign called “Meat Free Monday” so that the city administration consumes vegetarian menus on Mondays. That´s why Barcelona is the ideal destination for all those who are betting on a vegan diet model.

In Barcelona, you can find all kinds of businesses, restaurants and vegan businesses that are respectful concerning the environment and with the animals rights. Do you want to know some of them?

Here’s a list of the coolest spots for Vegans in Barcelona. We have some vegan stores, vegan fashion, vegan restaurants, vegan snack Bars and even something vegan for dessert.

THELIVINGFOOD – Bio Vegan Store Barcelona

Thelivingfood Vegan Shop in Barcelona

Where is it? Carrer de Viladomat, 85, 08015 Barcelona

This shop is a dream for Vegan that love cheese. Their selection is excellent and made by themselves. They reject all genetically modified foods and only source from locations nearby that guarantee animal-friendly production. TheLivingFood Bio Vegan Store in Barcelona offers a great variety of products for vegans in a stylish modern way. They have a European Certificate of their organic food and guarantee cruelty-free products. You can find 100% vegan and bio food in the shop. After a small conversation with the owner, we found out that they have products for your home, yes! Even personal care. You can also buy (natural) bio cosmetics without preservatives, a great selection of gluten-free and gourmet food. If you’re into raw-vegan and superfoods, THELIVINGFOOD has you covered. AND more importantly, they have the greatest selection of raw-vegan chocolate important from the biggest brands worldwide.

Veganoteca – Vegan products store

Vegan Supermarket in Barcelona Centre

Where is it? Carrer de Valldonzella, 60, 08001 Barcelona

Veganoteca was born in 2010 with the intention of promoting a philosophy of life, and that vegan option it´s getting more and more adepts every day. For the creators of Veganoteca, veganism is more than an alimentary option: it is a matter of ethics, health, justice, and environment. Hence, this great shop seeks to promote this way of life in everything it does. Veganoteca offers a great variety of products that suppose an interesting alternative to those that have an animal origin.

Veganoteca it´s an exclusively vegan shop with all kind of Eco, Bio, Raw, Organic and gluten-free products. It´s a company with feelings, responsible and decisive that want to put a stop to very serious problems by offering products that are free of workers exploitation and animal cruelty. Everything you find in Veganoteca is healthy, fair trade and eco-friendly. In its shelves, you can find tofu, sausages, cheeses, hamburgers and many other products made without a trace of meat. In Veganoteca they know positively that the basis of a balanced diet is eating a lot of fruit and vegetables. By offering mixed products they are trying to promote this lifestyle and help more and more people get closer to vegan philosophy.

Amapola – Vegan Shop Barcelona

Amapola Vegan Shopping Barcelona

Where is it? Travessera de Gràcia, 129, 08012 Barcelona

This amazing shop is dedicated to fashion. Vegan fashion in Barcelona, yes! All of their products are totally vegan and animal-friendly, the materials as well as the production of the goods. There’s plenty of options in Amapola Vegan Shop, and things to choose from. And who thinks that Vegan fashion has to look weird will be proved wrong @Amapola Vegan Shop. Great designs and very impressive materials.

Flax&Kale – The first Flexitarian Restaurant in Barcelona

Flax and Kale

Where is it? Carrer dels Tallers, 74b, 08001 Barcelona

Flax&Kale is a very beautiful Restaurant located on the popular side street “Calle Tallers” near Plaça Catalunya. Flax and Kale is the first Flexitarian Restaurant in Barcelona, known for its well-chosen menu of vegetarian, vegan and raw vegan slow food. If you enjoy healthy salads and fantastic smoothies while strolling through the center, this place is an excellent choice.

2Y Macrobiótica – Vegan Bio Restaurant

2Y Macrobiotica Vegan Bio Restaurant

Where is it? Passatge Batlló 4, 08036

The name of the restaurant comes from the concept of Ying and Yang. In 2Y you can taste a food prepared with conscience and integrity, from the seed to the finished dish. Its key is the equilibrium between flavor and natural products and processes. To this end, they are committed to the use of natural products, a vitalized and restructured water, and a precision kitchen equipment that resists chemical reactions, while protecting the food´s quality, purity, and flavor.
In 2Y Macrobiotic you can find a 100% organic seasonal menu. Their main ingredient is the grain, understanding that it is the most balanced food at the energy level. The legumes, the seitan, the tempeh and the tofu will contribute the protein because they work with a line of macrobiotic totally vegetal. They even use medicinal properties ingredients, such as algae, miso, tamari, daikon, burdock or lotus, and shitake mushrooms. If you want to try the best vegan restaurant in Barcelona, the Y2 is your restaurant.

La Gelateria Del Barri – Vegan Ice Cream

Gelateria del Barri in Barcelona Vegan Ice Cream

Where is it? Calle Sant Pere Mes Baix 14, 08003

An ice cream without milk? How it´s possible? That´s what most of the people wonder when they enter the Gelateria del Barri, one of the best vegan ice cream stores in Barcelona. It´s surprising for its variety of flavors and the fact that not one of them is made with products of animal origin. Using the same lifelong methods, you can make vegan ice creams, which are much healthier than commercial ones, contain fewer calories and are also suitable for lactose intolerants. Thanks to pioneers like La Gelateria del Barri, Veganism has become an accepted option, not only as a diet but an alternative to animal consumption and an ethical attitude.

In the Gelateria del Barri you can find ice creams for celiac and diabetics, horchata de Xufa and Smoothies. La Gelateria Del Barri is Barcelona´s first certified vegan ice cream shop. It is totally suitable for all audiences thanks to its enormous variety of vegan flavors such as raisins, chocolate or mint. The staff is friendly, attentive and efficient and will guide you through the important process of finding the best flavor of ice cream for your personal taste. And all without hurting any animals!

Bar Celoneta – Vegan Tapa Restaurant Barcelona

Where is it? Carrer de Sevilla 70, 08003

Bar Celoneta is a pun made with the name of the district (“Barceloneta”). Bar Celoneta is a famous restaurant, not only for its vegan dishes but for its different sangria mixes. In Bar Celoneta you can find delicious vegan tapas, fun veg-burgers made with natural and local ingredients, all kinds of raw food and the paellas, the special dish of every Thursday. Even in the desserts menu you only find the best and most natural toppings you can imagine.

Cat Bar – Veggie Burgers and Craft Beer Restaurant Barcelona

Cat Bar Barcelona Veggie Burgers and Craft Beer Restaurant Barcelona

Where is it? Carrer Boria 17, 08003

This is a Vegan Craft Beer Bar that takes proud in serving the best Burger, Chips & Wheat-Free meals plus BrewDog and local Craft in Barcelona. The Cat Bar does not have air conditioning, takes no reservations and doesn’t serve the tables. And despite all of this, they are one of the most successful and visited vegan joints in the whole city since 2009. Why? Because of its delicious and diverse vegan hamburgers, their craft beer that they let you taste before ordering it and, above all, its extra mouth-watering hummus.

Sopa Barcelona – Vegan Bar and Macrobiotic Store Barcelona

Sopa Barcelona Vegan Bar and Macrobiotic Store Barcelona

Where is it? Provença 330, 08037

Sopa Barcelona is a vegetarian restaurant, a place to eat healthy and be respectful with the environment. Sopa Barcelona is a well-known place in the neighborhood for its balanced, healthy and delicious daily menu. Sopa offers juices, craft beer, fresh vegetables, vegetarian sandwich and even displays a corner where you can buy all kinds of macrobiotic products. It´s available for big groups, kid-friendly and has the option of taking away the food. Everything the vegetarian and vegan needs it´s in Sopa!

Quinoa Bar Vegetarià Vegan and Vegetarian Food

Quinoa Bar Vegan and Vegetarian Food in Barcelona

Where is it? Travessera de Gràcia 203, 08012

Quinoa Bar Vegetarià is a small cozy vegetarian restaurant the heart of Gracia in Barcelona. This pretty place is famous for its Quinoa Wrap which is known under wrap fans. It’s open daily from 11 – 23h and has a variety of delicious vegan dishes to choose from. Check out this place on Facebook:

It’s one of the top 70 restaurants in Barcelona on Tripadvisor. The reviews of the Quinoa Bar are excellent.

El Petit Brot- Cold press – Raw – Eco – Vegan Food Barcelona

El Petit Brot Cold press Raw Eco Vegan Food Barcelona

Where is it? Carrer del Dr. Dou, 10, 08001

Once you stroll down Las Ramblas from Plaça Catalunya down towards the Columbus Statue and the sea you could take a small turn right into the “Raval Quarter” at “Carrer Pintor Fortuny” street. A couple of streets down Pintor Fortuny crosses the street called “Dr. Dou”. Apart from being an enchanting part of Barcelona where you can find many local shops and bars, this is the spot where you’ll find “El Petit Brot”.

The Petit Brot is a “Organic Cold-Pressed Juice & Smoothie Bar”. They offer living & raw vegan foods to eat in or to go.

Santoni Cafeteria – Vegan and Vegetarian Food Barcelona

Santoni Cafeteria Vegan and Vegetarian Food Barcelona

Where is it? Ronda Sant Antoni 63, 08007

This amazing small cozy place is pretty easy to find. The Santoni Cafeteria is located directly at one of the Metro exits at Plaça Universitat (Red Line).

They offer fresh and delicious juices and smoothies. Vegan sausages and burgers. Hot croissants stuffed with chocolate and other delights…

It’s simply a great place where you can get a small healthy snack during the day without having to take a cab or search around for too long.

City Bar&Restaurant – Mediterranean Specialties Barcelona

City Bar&Restaurant – Mediterranean Specialties Barcelona

Where is it? Via Laietana 30, 08003

The City Bar&Restaurant proposes an eclectic mixture of Mediterranean food, Spanish classic dishes and European gastronomy. Its main goal is to offer the traditional dishes updated with products, fresh and local, of the best quality. City restaurant combines a calmed atmosphere, an elegant decoration, excellent food at a good price and an attention from the staff worthy of the best restaurants. It diverse menu includes vegetarian and vegan options such as salads, vegetable purees, burrata cheese with avocado, black rice, and tofu.


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