Best places to exchange GBP in Barcelona

Best places to exchange GBP in Barcelona

British people are one of the main groups of tourists that visit Spain every year. By numbers, the most visited regions for British citizens are Canarias, Comunidad Valenciana, Andalucía, Baleares and Catalunya. Thousands of British come every year to Barcelona, attracted by our food, the sun and our hot Latin character.

For a British citizen is extra important to prepare a trip to Barcelona. Why? Because Spain is part of the Euro zone, and the legal currency is the Euro. Today we want to offer some useful information on the best sites to exchange pounds for euros. Not all places are the same and not all offer the same conditions, so it is important that before making your currency exchange, read this post well. After all, money may not buy happiness, but it can buy a lot of cool stuff in Barcelona, so you better get your Euros straight!

4 quick tips for exchanging money in Barcelona

1. You need to know that the value of each currency is in constant movement, so it is possible that one day is up and another day is down. Although the euro and the GBP are relatively stable currencies, you should consider this before making the exchange of your pounds. Waiting a little bit can make the difference.

2. Usually, the banks offer a service of money exchange, so if you plan it right, you can make the change in the previous days of your trip. If not, ask your bank if they have any kind of partner or company in Barcelona that would make the exchange without charging you any fee.

3. Avoid making the exchange at the hotel in Barcelona or at the airport, because they usually have the highest commissions of all.

4. It’s always a good idea to plan the amount of money you will spend during your trip. Try to spend all your cash before the end of the trip. If you change back the euros to GBP, you will be paying the commissions twice.

Top places to exchange GBP in Barcelona

Exact Change
Where is it: Av. de la Catedral, 1, 08002 Barcelona
Phone: 900 103 740

Exact Change is, above all, convenience. You can make your euros purchase or reservation via website and can request them to send the money to your hotel or apartment. They operate with more than 80 foreign currencies, all of them with a competitive trade. They also offer insurance in case of theft, deliver in 24 hours and guarantee of the best price in Spain. If you are looking for a place in the centre to exchange GBP, this one is a good option. Check their website for many other corporate services.

Money Exchange
Where is it: Carrer de Mata, 1, 08004 Barcelona
Phone: 917617170

Money Exchange has several offices in the Barcelona region, so you can find offices in Arc de Triomf, in the center of the city of Barcelona, or in towns such as Gavá and Granollers to exchange your GBP. In addition to different services related to currency transactions such as exchange or sending money, and their 20 years of experience, they have something even better: Foreign currency exchanges without fees! It’s volume of work and great experience allows them to reduce to 0 their fee for the currency exchange. Check their website and contact directly to take advantage of their locations, zero commissions and multiple online options such as package delivery, phone products and money receipts.

Ria La Rambla 73
Where is it: La Rambla, 73, 08002 Barcelona
Phone: 34 933 02 86 96

Ria La Rambla is another great option to exchange GBP in Barcelona, especially because its located in the heart of the city, which makes it an easy alternative. Most of the touristic routes, activities and monuments are nearby, so you exchange money any time you want. Follow up the currency value, make transfers between accounts, send money to your country and the location and tracking of your transactions live are some of their best features.

Exchanging currency outside of the exchange houses

Thinking about all things, the suitcase, your passport and plane tickets, maybe you forgot to exchange your GBP’s. Now you are in a foreign country with a pocket full of pounds and there are no exchange houses at sight. What can you do? Barcelona is one of the best-known touristic cities in the world, so there are infrastructures prepared to receive tourists at any time. In the street you will find different alternatives to exchange house, from phone parlors to local banks. But beware, because exchanging money with a small company or a foreign bank usually means a bigger fee. Among the best known are The Americas Money Change, G & S Shipping, Central Shipping, Europhill, Telecentre or Intercom.


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