5 good reasons to rent an eBike in Barcelona

eBikes are on the rise: sales of electric bikes are reaching record levels and between 2020 and 2023 more than 130 million eBikes are expected to be sold globally, according to a recent study by Deloitte.

You don’t need to buy an eBike to enjoy the experience though – you can also rent one too, which can be a more affordable way to try it out. And Barcelona’s a great place to test your skills.

Here’s why you should consider renting an eBike in Barcelona.

Barcelona’s a great city for cyclists

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Barcelona is near the top of the lists of the world’s best cities in plenty of areas, such as architecture, liveability, sunshine, beaches and dining. But it’s not currently known as one of the world’s top cycling cities.

That is changing though due to the local government’s promotion of cycling initiatives and infrastructure. There are close to 300km of cycle lanes in the city – and this number is rising rapidly. 21 kilometres were added during the pandemic, the highest amount of new cycle lanes in any Spanish city. And all of this adds to the old town, which is easy and relaxing to cycle around.

With excellent infrastructure, clement weather, and everything you can see and do, Barcelona starts to look like a great city to rent an eBike (as well as do all the other things the city is famous for).

There’s plenty to see on an eBike

Getting around from A to B by bike is more enjoyable if there’s plenty to see and do. Barcelona’s certainly got you covered in that regard.

From otherworldly Gaudí architecture to picturesque plazas in Gracia, there’s a lot to visit within a relatively compact area. And if you want to get out to some of the sites that are slightly further afield, like the Camp Nou, then the extra oomph of an electric bike can make those kinds of journeys more realistic.

Pretty much everything is close to the city’s growing network of cycling lanes. 

eBikes are a sustainable mode of transport

Now’s the time to start thinking and acting more sustainably. How and when to give the environment more thought is a pretty big question! But using an eBike to get around certainly won’t hurt.

The carbon footprint of bikes, and indeed eBikes, compared to other forms of transport like cars and buses is very low to non-existent. According to a recent study, eBikes have an even lower footprint than electric cars.

Compared to standard bikes, eBikes can be a great option for getting around the city easily and efficiently. It’s a more realistic transport choice for many people – especially in a city like Barcelona that can get swelteringly hot at times. You’ll need to put in a lot less effort but will still get a bit of a welcome workout too.

Montjuic, Tibidabo and other elevated sights

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While Barcelona is a generally flat city, there are a few parts of the city where that statement doesn’t hold. One of the key areas is the Montjuic ‘mountain’ that you can see rising above the city in the distance.

There’s even a castle on top of it, and the views from up there are incredible. But getting there isn’t so easy. Well, unless you’ve got an eBike to take you up there! That’ll take the strain out of navigating the steep hill.

It is worth it. There’s so much to see and do there, with some of the city’s best green spaces and museums all in one place. In the summer a locals’ tip is to go there for the outdoor cinema evenings that take place at the fortress (Sala Montjuic), and arriving by eBike would be a pretty sensible way to get there without spending all your energy.

Tibidabo (pictured above) is a spectacular themepark at the top of the hills around Barcelona. The same logic goes for getting up there (use an eBike!).

Renting is more affordable

We’re obviously big fans of eBikes but we have to admit that buying your own one can be expensive. There’s a range of prices and options but a high-quality new model can set you back up to 1,000 Euros or more.

On the other hand, renting as and when you need can be a lot more affordable. If you rent with BeBike, for example, you’ll pay only 15 Euros for a couple of hours.

That said, buying an eBike can make financial sense over the long-term if you’re using the eBike a lot. Casual users, however, can be better off renting. You’d have to use an eBike a lot to get anywhere close to the amount of money you’d spend on a new model.

Take a look at our eBike rental page to find out more about our rental options. It’s a great way to get around and see Barcelona. Our high-quality eBikes also include all of the accessories and support you’d need.

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