COVID-19 Travel Requirements for Spain | 2022

International travel is on the go in many countries. This includes Spain, and travellers are well and truly arriving again – to major cities like Barcelona and beyond. Nevertheless, you still have some obligations if you want to get through border control, so we’ve gone through all the latest info to summarise exactly what you need to enter Spain and travel.

And we’ll be keeping this guide updated each month to make sure you’ve got the latest info, as traveling to Spain during Covid-19 requires more preparation than ever before.

So here’s what you need and some other recommendations.


Spain Travel Health Form

All passengers who have to travel to Spain by plane or boat, even in transit, must complete a travel form that is available on the Spain Travel Health website. Once this form has been completed and signed, the traveler receives a QR code that must be kept on mobile phone or printed in order to enter Spain. Remember that this is an obligatory form, not just a helpful extra.

Spain Travel Health


Covid-19 Vaccination Certificate

One of the most fundamental things you’ll need is an official certificate that proves complete vaccination against Covid-19. This must be valid at least 14 days prior to traveling and it must mention the date of vaccination carried out, the vaccine administered and the country of vaccination.

You should be able to add your certificate to your mobile for easy presentation. The EU digital Covid-19 certificate will be used by many travellers within Europe.


Negative Test Result

If you aren’t vaccinated yet (and if you want to travel safely and easily in Spain then we recommend you are vaccinated), then you will need a certificate of proof of a negative test result from an NAAT test (e.g. PCR) issued within within 72 hours, before arrival to Spain.

Note that there are some other tests that you can get to reveal whether or not you have COVID. But they have limited validity to enter Spain. So remember the type you need is an NAAT test, most commonly the PCR.


Covid-19 recovery certificate

Covid-19 recovery certificates are not widely accepted (e.g. not valid for travellers from the UK), so you are better going for the certain options of either a negative NAAT test or official proof of vaccination.


Obligations when in Spain

Here are some of other important obligations that are required in most Spanish regions (although some areas have different rules).

Commuting in the cities

  • The use of a mask is mandatory for all persons over 6 years of age in closed spaces open to the public like restaurants and bars. But it is not necessary to use a mask while sitting and eating / drinking.
  • The use of a mask is not mandatory in outdoor spaces anymore, no fines will be applied for not wearing one.
  • Meetings between people who do not live in the same household can remain limited, depending on the communities.

Travel by air and land

  • The use of a mask is mandatory in all transport (air, land, sea) even on platforms or stations, in public or private passenger transport in vehicles with up to 9 seats, except passengers.
  • The maintenance of passenger records by transport operators will be maintained for four weeks.
  • Mobility between autonomous communities is allowed.

Important details

The regulations enforced vary by the different Autonomous Communities but here are some important details that are generally true within Spain:

  • Group/tour visits will be kept to a maximum of twenty people, including the monitor or guide.
  • Food or beverages may not be consumed in rooms during performances or exhibitions, except in the spaces designated for it. The consumption of food or beverages may be allowed during performances or exhibitions provided that the percentage of capacity is limited to seventy-five percent with respect to the legal limit in the halls for each activity, show or exhibition.
  • Hotels and restaurants are limited to six people per table inside and ten people per table outside.

Other recommendations

  • Always have your mask ready to wear in closed spaces. And it’s also recommended to have one handy for open spaces in situations where you cannot maintain a minimum distance of 1.5 meters (crowds, mass events, etc.)
  • Given that the situation evolves rapidly, it is recommended to regularly inform yourself about measures taken by national and local authorities and make sure you comply (otherwise you risk a fine) by consulting the website of the Spanish Ministry of Health.


And fortunately the numbers in Spain are some of the lowest in Europe at the time of writing – so while you should be cautious you should also try and relax and have fun! And one of our eBike tours, like our Gaudi eBike Tour is a great way to have fun in the open air in Barcelona.


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Spain Travel Health

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