Best VR experiences in Barcelona

In Barcelona there are more and more spaces where you can enjoy an unreal experience thanks to new VR technologies. The virtual reality centers in the city are growing and every time have even more and more followers of all ages. At these locations you can play games in which you kill zombies, defend your castle from attacks, take part in space adventures, traditional 1-on-1 pong games – and that’s just scratching the surface of the adventures you can experience firsthand. Here are our Top 5.

VIRTUA Barcelona

VIRTUA Barcelona was one of the first virtual reality centers to open in the Catalan city. In fact, it has been active for more than 5 years and offers all types of activities for both individuals and large groups. It is located in the Sant Antoni neighborhood and is open from Tuesday to Sunday. 

In the experiences here, you can be a shooter, endure a zombie apocalypse experience, and plenty more. These games can be played with a maximum of 8 people. If you prefer the challenge of escape rooms, you can go with groups of up to 4 friends to try to solve the VR challenges that will be given to you, in different scenarios ranging from a remote jungle to escaping from a maximum security prison.

Carrer de Viladomat, 95


Zero Latency

Zero Latency offers one of the most complete virtual reality experiences in Barcelona. Instead of simple VR glasses, here you will have a device weighing around 3 kg equipped with all types of sensors and technology to make the experience more engaging than normal. Specifically, you will have VR glasses, a portable weapon, headphones to listen to your companions and a PC to carry on your shoulder. Although it may seem uncomfortable, 3 kg on the back is supported very well by anyone of average height.

The center is located in the SOM multi-espai shopping center. Zero Latency is a shooting-only center. They have specially designed areas so that you can move comfortably with your weapon and with your friends. It is good to keep in mind that this this company has more than 50 locations around the world, so you can enjoy the experience in different cities such as Madrid or Bilbao.

Avinguda de Rio de Janeiro, 42


Play Point Barcelona

Play Point is a leisure center that has a multitude of different activities not just VR. Apart from living virtual reality experiences, you can also play laser tag, paintball, or even have lunch there.

This spot has 8 VR stations that can be played individually or in multiplayer mode with up to 4 players. You can enjoy games from different categories, such as puzzles, action, or trivia. People from 8 years old can attend, since there are non-violent games available for the little ones.

Carrer de Cartagena, 331


Virtual Arcade XR

At Virtual Arcade XR you will enjoy the experience of virtual reality in Barcelona. This center is located in the Eixample neighborhood and is well connected to the metro and the urban bus network. It is a space dedicated to the universe of virtual reality and where inside you will find different areas so that you can live the otherworldly VR experience at the highest level.

Here you will find a different concept, with different themed rooms so that players can live a much more intense and fun experience. At Virtual Arcade XR you can have a great time with different simulation games so that everyone can enjoy an adventure adapted to their tastes and preferences.

Avinguda Diagonal, 404


Aventurico Barcelona

Aventurico has fantastic escape rooms but they have a virtual reality center in the city! In its facilities you can take the opportunity to have a fun time with friends, or with whoever you want, while you immerse yourself in a truly immersive experience in which you will not believe (or remember) you are within four walls.

You have up to a total of three virtual reality games available to test your cunning and mental agility. If your favorite video game is Among Us, now you can challenge yourself to unmask the impostor and be able to repair your ship in time. Beats Saber VR is another virtual reality game, it is a musical challenge in which you will become a Jedi and a DJ at the same time. You can play with laser swords, break blocks to the rhythm of music and compete with your friends. 

Carrer de Roger de Flor, 89



Barcelona offers a range of immersive VR experiences that combine cutting-edge technology with the city’s unique charm. Looking for something more connected to reality? Don’t forget to book our Barcelona eBike Tour TOP 10 to have an amazing day in real-life Barcelona.


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