The best artisan cake & pastry shops in Barcelona

Barcelona has some of the best establishments to conquer sweet lovers’ hearts. The gastronomic offering is extensive and, as far as pastries and bakery are concerned, it is cutting edge. The culinary culture of the Catalan capital does not disappoint the foodies who roam the city in search of the finest desserts. So, get ready to discover the best pastry shops you can find in the city.

La Pastisseria

La Pastisseria is one of the most famous pastry shops in the world and its fame is not at all undeserved. Just upon entering your pupils dilate, because their sweets seem more like small works of art than something edible. When you take the first bite you discover that no matter how sad it is to end that preciousness, the flavours are irresistible.

La Pastisseria is a pastry shop where you can also enjoy a signature pastry from Josep María: the 2011 World Pastry Champion. Individual desserts, the updating of classic pastry creations, and the use of seasonal ingredients are some of the specialities to be enjoyed here.

Carrer d’Aragó, 228


Sil’s Cakes

Sil’s Cake, located in the Gràcia neighborhood, is Silvia González’s dream. After giving birth she experienced a love for pastry that led her to create her own business dedicated to American pastries. It’s a place that you will start to taste before visiting, as they delight us with their sweet creations on their Instagram account every day.

Cakes in America are made huge, appetizing, and eye-catching. They spark our imagination, to experiment with different textures and flavors, and to play with the lines between the classic and the modern. Here, they control the amount of sugar in the toppings very much so that they are not cloying. All the pastry is artisanal, made daily and without preservatives. Among 50 kinds of cakes and 20 flavors of cheesecake, the most popular cakes are the oreo cake, the Ferrero cake and the Nutella cookie. Don’t miss out!

Carrer del Torrent de l’Olla, 62



This artisanal pastry shop started in 2012 near the Ramblas, in a place that was an old chocolate and coffee factory. They make healthier donuts, which they call ‘chöks’. And they have also reinvented traditional recipes such as truffles (with more than 30 flavors) and cupcakes with dozens of toppings. Here there are no creative limits.

In their modernist window displays, they place the donuts as if they were rare jewels. They already have five establishments, where they are still committed to their star product: caramel, strawberry and white chocolate ‘chöks’, among others. At Chök they delight customers with a very well-presented product and in a space that is pampered in detail. The chocolate that you will taste here comes from Belgium, France and Switzerland. Do not miss their truffles, they are one of the products they are most proud of.

Carrer de Ramelleres, 26 (various locations)



Escribà is perhaps one of the examples of an innovative pastry concept in Barcelona. Its beautiful modernist space invites you to peruse its pastries and cakes – and seeing its product is a delight for the senses. Multiple creations are on offer, such as fairytale cakes, Sacher cakes with edible caramel drop dispensers, or curious cheese and lemon cakes in the shape of a small domes. If you come here, you will certainly not leave indifferent.

Christian Escribà’s elaborations are popular with residents and locals who make very special orders for their celebrations, as well as for the sweet-toothed tourists who come to Barcelona to visit.

Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes, 546



Mostassa is a bistro located in an old furniture store right in the center of Eixample. Their philosophy, as told by Raquel Valls, owner of Mostassa, is to offer fun cuisine, that is healthy as well as delicious. Their products are locally owned and made by family businesses

Known for its fabulous brunches, you can also discover its special touch for home-made pastry or feta. Their two greatest hits are the carrot cake and the cheese and jam cake – but they have other mouth-watering options like the banana bread with chocolate, the plum cake with pear and raspberry, the lemon pie, the orange cake and chocolate chips, the brownie and its lemon, coconut and chia cake.

Carrer Mallorca, 194


If you have a sweet-tooth, now you can go on and enjoy your cravings at these amazing locations. We’re sure that you will have an absolutely wonderful time here in Barcelona. And if you’re looking for a fun way to see the city, check out our Gaudí eBike Tour for some of the best sites in town!

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