The top 10 places to watch Flamenco in Barcelona

The best places to enjoy a Flamenco show in Barcelona

If there is a Spanish dance that is famous around the world, it’s the Flamenco. People have seen it in movies, TV Shows, magazines, and whenever they talk about Spain in fiction or real-live TV, they pair the images with some good old flamenco music.

There are different flamenco artists and tendencies within the Spanish geography, so you can enjoy this musical style in almost any corner of the country (with a few exceptions). Today we want to bring flamenco closer to all of you, so you consider it another choice for your next trip to Barcelona.

Meet, enjoy and get excited visiting the most famous flamenco “tablaos” of the Catalan capital, the best places to watch flamenco in Barcelona. You will enjoy it for sure!

Where to watch Flamenco in Barcelona?

1. Tablao Flamenco Cordobés

Where is it? Las Ramblas 35

This great flamenco music bar was opened in 1970 and is one of the most famous and centric in Barcelona. The Tablao Flamenco Cordobés offers to the curious and lovers of this genre the opportunity to enjoy a pure passionate sound without any technology. Its typical setting and the acoustics of the place have made it a magical environment for this kind of music. And is the sound of the passion, the dance and the clapping what will make you remember this experience forever.

2. Tablao de Carmen, Flamenco with different forms of expression

Where is it? Av. de Francesc Ferrer i Guàrdia, 13

This famous place of flamenco shows that you will find in Barcelona and that owes its name to the dancer Carmen Amaya. Decorated as if it were an Andalusian corrala, this place is a reference in the flamenco world. In addition to music you will find a diverse gastronomic menu. Among the most noteworthy is a poster full of artists and shows continuously throughout the year and an interior courtyard full of charm to enjoy the sunny months. So if you plan to go to enjoy the flamenco world, we recommend you use your booking section on the website.

3.Tarantos, Tablao Flamenco

Where is it? Plaza real 17

Tarantos, born in 1963, is one of the most traditional tablaos de flamenco in Barcelona and after several renovations it continues to host Flamenco Passion nights. Although it doesn’t look like the traditional tablao de flamenco, we can assure you that, in Tarantos, music and dance are the real protagonists. Learn through its website the monthly program, videos and contact, in case you want to get to know the flamenco world a little better on your next visit.

4. Palau de la música, Gran Gala Flamenco

Where is it? C/ Palau de la Música, 4-6

Palau de la Música is considered by many to be one of the most beautiful artistic centers in the world. In addition to music, in this palace you catch shows and concerts of all kinds but, without a doubt, flamenco always has a very important place in their agenda. Every year, the best Spanish Flamenco artists act in this unique setting. The name of the event is Gran Gala Flamenco, takes place in the Palau and shows all the different Flamenco brands and families that there exist.

5. Palacio del Flamenco, the Flamenco Palace

Where is it? Carrer Balmes 139

The Flamenco Palace dates to 1920, which makes it one of the first flamenco tablaos in Barcelona. With a capacity for just under 400 people, the Palacio del Flamenco has different locations for the spectator to enjoy the show. Despite its size, you will not have problems living an unforgettable flamenco night, since its speakers and screens are perfectly placed. From its website we highlight the possibility of finding it in different languages such as Russian, German, Chinese, Korean or Japanese.

6. Robadors at El Raval, with Flamenco on demand

Where is it? Carrer d’En Robador, 23

Robadors is a small flamenco bar in the Raval neighborhood. With the same name as the street in which it is located, Robadors offers flamenco shows for young audiences, local artists and flamenco lovers. You can find the purest flamenco, but also flamenco fusion, jazz or new trends related to flamenco. A small place where you can meet locals people who share their passion for flamenco music.

7. Nervión, Flamenco entertainment

Where is it? Carrer de la princesa 2

Nervión is the name of the river that crosses the city of Seville and it’s also a local tablao de flamenco in Barcelona. Here, unlike many other tablaos, you can find a more complete food service and parties for big groups or bachelor parties. Its website is accompanied by a reservation system, a complete information and a blog about the flamenco world.

8. Palau Dalmases, Pure Flamenco

Where is it? Carrer Montcada 20

In the middle of a baroque palace difficult to match, the Palau Dalmases is one of the best places in Barcelona to enjoy this artistic form. As in Nervión, here you can celebrate all kinds of events, even weddings. Great names of the national and international Flamenco scene have performed in this unique scenario, where you can enjoy the flamenco, the architecture and all the different features. Check the website for more information.

9. Los Juanele, Flamenco in a magical atmosphere

Where is it? Carrer de Aldana 4

Some dare to say that it is the most flamenco restaurant in the city of Barcelona. We will let you make your own decision. Specialized in tapas and rebujito (Sherry wine with soda or sprite) and with more than 30 years’ experience, Los Juanele is a tablao flamenco that has everything. They even offer Sevillanas and Flamenco dancing classes, if you want to go up the stage and show what you can do. They also offer the possibility of celebrating a flamenco party for you and your friends

10. El Patio Andaluz, Show Flamenco in Barcelona

Where is it? Calle Rocafort 231

Patio is the Spanish name for the terrace, and it’s usually a common area where the neighbors meet. It is important in Andalusian culture because, since the streets are so hot during the day, most of the daily life and the social interaction is made in the patios with your neighbors. This tablao flamenco honors that spirit offering flamenco shows, dinners and drinks where you can interact and make new flamenco-lovers friends. That is the Andalusian style!

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