A few cool spots to play Pool in Barcelona

Would you like to accompany a few beers with a fun but relaxing game? If you are looking for a plan with friends to have a great time laughing and competing a little too, we’d like to show you around some of the best places in Barcelona to play billiards. Or, as you may call it, pool.

Let’s go…

Club Billar Barcelona

Descending the dark stairs leading to Club Billar Barcelona has a certain aura of dread, especially if you don’t completely close its rumbling front door, which leaves an eerie chime behind you. From there, the surreality does not cease as one gazes at endless tables with gentlemen dedicated to their caroms, among stalls and display boards, shelves overflowing with trophies and a powerful anachronistic atmosphere, topped with a hundred-year-old bar which in the 1920s already exuded class.

In Gran Via de Les Corts Catalanes, we find an ideal place for billiard lovers. This club was part of the underground Coliseum club which closed after the Olympics but today the billiard club is still active and inside you can enjoy amazing games with professionals and amateurs with great knowledge. All this in a space decorated with a vintage touch and where the passage of time seems to have stood still. Without a doubt, it is one of the best places in Barcelona to play billiards or foosball because it has a great tradition behind it.

Gran Via de Les Corts Catalanes, 595


Snooker Billiards

Everything in this refined place in Eixample suggest a likeable Instagram post, the large slanted mirror in the entrance hall, the leather armchairs that will make you feel like a lord even in a tracksuit, the designer bar in award-winning interior, with its classic, Hawaiian cocktail bar, or the lighted cabinets full of favorite liquors. But we’re here to play, and at Snooker the many pool tables are also uniquely designed. Too bad for the music in the background, which does not go well with such tension while games are being played. 

This very elegant bar with an eclectic atmosphere is perfect for enjoying an evening of billiards and cocktails. This place is decorated in the English style and here you can play billiards at six tables, as well as table football. All this is designed so that you can live a lively afternoon. Not only that, its cocktail menu is very extensive and several are signature specialties.

Carrer de Roger de Llúria, 42 



One of the most outstanding bars with billiards and table football in Barcelona is Retruc, located on Gran Vía itself, very close to Plaza España. It is a 400 square meter room where you will find a large number of games such as table football, billiards, table tennis and darts. At the Retruc bar you can spend afternoons and evenings with your friends playing games or having a few drinks. Plus, they play a fine contemporary music selection for you to have a great time. A place frequented by young people who want to spend a fun afternoon surrounded by good games.

Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes, 399



La Ovella Negra

Another of the best known bars for playing pool in Barcelona is La Ovella Negra. They have two premises in Barcelona but the best of all is the big one, that of Poblenou, opposite Razzmatazz. Here, with a good beer or a sangria, you can spend hours playing billiards, whether you are a big fan or play it very occasionally. 

Carrer de Zamora, 78


Shamrock Irish Bar

A 100% Irish pub in the heart of Raval is the Shamrock pub. It is an establishment that is a favorite of many tourists who come to see Barcelona and want to enjoy good pints of craft beers in a very friendly and relaxed atmosphere. In this Irish pub, you can enjoy games like billiards, darts and table football while drinking an array of imported beers or listening to good rock or country music from the 70s and 80s.

Shamrock is also a place where you can listen live to the music of emerging artists, from the realms of rock, pop, country music, and more. Definitely a great spot so you can make the most of your evening.

Carrer dels Tallers, 72


Bar El Otro

In the heart of the Gracia district, we find another of the most outstanding places in Barcelona to play billiards or table football. We are talking about El Otro, a classic bar in this neighborhood. Here you will find the inhabitants of Gracia drinking mojitos or caipirinhas, as well as a room with a billiard table and good music to discover.

It is a bar open all day and therefore functions as a cafeteria, bar and pub at the same time where you can enjoy a local atmosphere in a very tastefully decorated space. It offers a varied menu of gin and tonics with more than 50 different components.

Travessera de Gràcia, 167



Sometimes it’s nice to have a cue stick and some blue chalk handy to show off your trigonometry as you smash that orderly constellation of solid, striped balls with a snap of marble. We challenge you to play a game in some bars with pool tables and plenty of charisma. Don’t forget to book our Historical eBike Tour to get to know more of the city.


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