Best places to get churros & chocolate in Barcelona

If one thing is clear, you’ll never go hungry in Barcelona. Bravas. Pan con tomate. Jamón. And then one of our favorites: churros (or xurros in Catalan).

Think of churros as Spain’s version of doughnuts—deep-fried strips of choux pastry, crisp on the outside but soft on the inside. Spaniards normally dunk them in a cup of thick hot chocolate. Whether you’re looking for a warm snack on a cold rainy day, or having the munchies after a few drinks, churros always hit the spot.

To satisfy those cravings – and make sure you try the best of Barcelona’s many options – here are our top picks to enjoy a plate of churros with hot chocolate for dunking.

1. Xurreria Trebol

  • Founded: 1955
  • Neighborhood: Gràcia

This little shop (truly little, they’ve only got a few bar stools available) is located near the intersection of Passeig de Gràcia and Avinguda Diagonal. Open all night long on weekends, it’s a hit among partygoers and bar-hoppers after a night of drinking and dancing in Gràcia. Rest assured, they’re open every day, too. Churros galore await, coming in various shapes and sizes, some filled with creams, chocolate, or caramel.

FYI – many locals claim it’s the best churros spot in Barcelona.

Trébol also has plenty of savory picks, from croquettes to fries, to complement your churro indulgence.

2. La Pallaresa

  • Founded: 1947
  • Neighborhood: Barri Gòtic

Say what you want about Barcelona’s Gothic Quarter. It’s crowded. It smells. Maybe it’s bit dodgy. But there’s much to love about this historic neighborhood. From artisanal workshops to pastry shops, it’s worth losing yourself in the maze of cobblestone streets for a few hours or so.

Located on Carrer de Petritxol, La Pallaresa stands out as a cherished spot among many. For decades, it’s been a go-to spot for hot chocolate and churros – the perfect treat before or after a shopping spree. If you’ve got an extra strong sweet tooth, order your hot chocolate with whipped cream! Also known as a suizo.

P.S. They say the crema catalana is also to die for.

3. Granja Viader

  • Founded: 1870
  • Neighborhood: El Raval

Before Coca-Cola. Before the zipper. Before crayons. And basically before all inventions of the 20th Century, there was Granja Viader.

This café is a bustling spot, often frequented by groups of Barcelona’s elderly chatting away. Situated in Raval, it holds historical significance as the birthplace of the Catalan instant chocolate drink brand Cacaolat. You might be impressed to know that they’ve been serving folk since 1870, and the same family has been running the show for five generations.

Over the last 150 years, their menu has grown to include classic churros paired with a suizo, and a bounty of pastries. Granja Viader is as popular as ever, filled with locals and tourists.

4. Granja Dulcinea

  • Founded: 1941
  • Neighborhood: Barri Gòtic

Granja Dulcinea is another icon sitting within the medieval Gothic Quarter. Specifically, on Carrer de Petrixtol – Barcelona’s “chocolate street”.

Back in 1941, the city welcomed this chocolate shop, courtesy of Juan Mach and Elvira Farràs. Over the years, many have savored the tradition of dipping churros into hot chocolate at this picturesque spot. Waiters are elegantly dressed and the decor, while traditional, is cozy and welcoming. Legend has it; even Dali himself was fond of Granja Dulcinea.

Once you’ve tried them both, let us know if you’re Team Dulcinea or Team La Pallaresa!

5. Xurreria San Román

  • Founded: 1969
  • Neighborhood: L’Esquerra de l’Eixample

It’s time to move a few steps away from the city center.

This xurrería in Eixample (and its sister branch on Carrer Fabra i Puig) has spent more than 50 years perfecting its churros. Mario, the owner, originally moved the business from Madrid. Like many others, it remains family-run.

At San Roman, they handmake their churros every day before frying them up in groundnut oil. Swing by and enjoy yours with a cup of hot chocolate. Just like the locals do.

On weekends and holidays, they make porras, which are like churros’ softer, thicker cousins.

6. Churrería j.Alpuente

  • Founded: 1963
  • Neighborhood: Fort Pienc

Churrería j.Alpuente became the talk of Barcelona, thanks to its social media-savvy owner, Juan Alpuente.

With over half a million followers on his Instagram and TikTok, he shares the ins and outs of his churro-making adventures, adding many sprinkles of humor to the content. Despite the online fame that came these last few years, the churrería is a family affair that’s been catering to Barcelona since 1963.

In an interview with Metropoli, Juan says that going viral was largely a result of “free time” during the last pandemic. When the churrería closed temporarily, he decided to give TikTok a go. It unexpectedly turned into a game-changing business move.

Whether you’re drawn in by its online buzz or the promise of quality treats, this one’s a must-visit.

7. Xurreria Sant Andreu

  • Founded: unknown
  • Neighborhood: Sant Andreu

Nestled in the quaint and quieter neighborhood of Sant Andreu is a hidden gem: Xurreria Xocolateria Sant Andreu. Locals and visitors alike adore this spot, where the churros and chocolate have a way of converting skeptics into devoted fans.

It’s constantly busy, especially on chilly mornings and weekends, with families flocking in to savor the traditional plates offered here.

8. La Nena

  • Founded: 2003
  • Neighborhood: Gràcia

La Nena is the newcomer – when you consider all other places on our list have been around for at least half a century.

But even without the backing of decades of tradition, this tiny café is always full. Adorned with stacks of books and games, and miniature table sets for the kiddos, it’s a hit among people of all ages. Above all, it’s known to have the best churros and chocolate in the neighborhood.

If you’re looking to enjoy your pre-lunch snack or afternoon merienda while engaging in a lively game of UNO, this is the spot for some quality fun.

We don’t doubt you’ll come across many more places offering churros and chocolate during your trip to the Catalan capital. But the key to tasting “fine” versus “some of the best” is to know where the locals go, the longstanding establishments that have become an experience of their own.

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