The top places in Barcelona for your burger addiction

Best hamburger restaurants in Barcelona

Whether classic, gourmet or plain, Barcelona loves hamburgers. Despite not being a specialty of the Catalan gastronomy, hamburger joints have flourished across the city in recent years. And all of them claim to make the best hamburger in the city and/or the world. But how can we make the right decision?

First of all, it´s necessary to ask ourselves: what is a hamburger? The origin of the hamburger is controversial, since diverse chefs and cultures throughout history claim authorship. After all, it is just a sandwich of meat that even in the Roman empire was being consumed. However, it is typically associated with the United States of America, since it was there where its recipe was perfected, reaching its actual form.

In the early nineteenth century, German immigrants introduced to the Americans the concept of “Hamburg-style American steak”, the grandfather of the current hamburgers. Since then the concept has been changing, but its popularity has never declined. To this day it is one of the most popular dishes and every year arise hundreds of variations of the original recipe.

In this list, you will find the best places in Barcelona to eat a hamburger and their most known menus. Homemade, with natural ingredients, avant-garde or classic, in Barcelona you have dozens of options to try. From there it´s on you to decide which of them it´s “The Best Hamburger in Barcelona”.

1. Chivuo’s

This well-known restaurant in the Gràcia neighborhood disregards the hamburger of its fast food concept seeking the maximum flavor and quality. Chivuo’s Slow Street Food & Craft Beer is a hamburger joint where you can´t make a reservation and have very little options in the menu. But all of this makes up by offering their star product, the “Pulled Pork” burger, and their amazing craft beer. Not many options but all of them frankly delicious and homemade, to the point that even the barbecue sauce is homemade.

2. Bacoa Kiosko

Bacoa Kiosco is a well-known Barcelona chain of burger joints and one of the pioneers in adding natural high-quality ingredients in its menu. That’s why they have special and unique burgers such as the Japanese Burger with teriyaki sauce, or the Catalan Burger that has Figueres onions and a delicious ali oli. They are also eco-friendly so their menu offers vegan hamburgers for those who don´t eat meat but don´t want to give up the delicious taste of a burger.


Bacoa Burger

3. Santa Burg

Many locals consider Santa Burg as the Barcelona temple of hamburgers, a place to attend at least once in life, or even better, every weekend. And if there is a name that stands out in the burger business in Barcelona is Xavier Pellicer´s, one of the best chefs in Spain and partner of Santa Burg. That´s why in his menu you find such varied creations and ingredients as original as the Tikka masala, the caramelized onion, and even the foie.

4. TimesBurg

It’s literally impossible for you to eat a TimesBurg burger without knowing it. And not only because of its unparalleled taste but because each and every one of the burgers is marked on the buns before leaving the grill. That mark is the signature of quality, the brand that reminds you that you are eating one of the best hamburgers in Barcelona. And their big strength is not only their great burgers but also the option of combining the ingredients they have to have your own customized burger. This do-it-yourself spirit is also reflected in the 4 types of homemade salsa that you can find on each of the tables of the restaurant.

5. Oval

Choose bread. Choose meat. Choose cheese. Fully customize your hamburger and create the model you like. In the Eixample Esquerra neighborhood, you will find this delicious hamburger joint with a do-it-yourself model and a unique feeling. Make it yourself, choose from some of the highest quality ingredients in the whole market and create a hamburger with everything you love. Oval is the concept of absolute freedom of choice taken to the world of hamburger.

6. La Burg

If you are looking for a delicatessen burger, a unique concept and an amazing hamburger restaurant in Barcelona, La Burg is your burger joint. Located in the neighborhood of Sarriá, this hamburger is the best proof that a hamburger can be delicious and nutritious at the same time. And with the choice of ordering some delicious Patatas Bravas (spicy potatoes) that will delight both adults and children.

7. Bacoa Universitat

This hamburger restaurant in the heart of Barcelona. From the same group as the Bacoa Kiosko, Bacoa Universitat is one of the best known for its high-quality ingredients. Especially their veal burgers and organic veal burgers, both different and yet extremely tasty. And not only its taste is delicious, but also its price adapted to the current times and a fast and efficient service that will definitely make you repeat the Bacoa experience.

8. Foc i Oli

Foc i Oli, Fire and Oil. His name in Catalan already tells you what kind of hamburgers you’re going to find. A small restaurant and friendly waiters welcome you in this well-known hamburger joint in the neighborhood of the Eixample. In its menu you will find a great variety of hamburgers and sandwiches, with special mention to its most famous hamburger: La chivito, a delicacy made of thin slices of beef stew, sweet ham, bacon, mayonnaise, salad with vinaigrette, gouda cheese, red pepper, candied onion, brioche bread.

Whether it’s a classic, traditional or gourmet burger, do not forget to check this list to find your perfect hamburger restaurant in Barcelona. And from now on don´t forget telling your family and friends that you know the best place in Barcelona to have a Burger.


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