The Best Way to Visit Barcelona

Are you looking for the best way to visit Barcelona?

Here’s a closer look at the best tours Barcelona has to offer and where you can find them.

Barcelona is a cosmopolitan Mediterranean hub and its city council is committed to improving mobility. Over 200 kilometers of bike lanes are now available, and its metro network continues to expand to get you around the city quicker.

There are lots of transport and tour options to choose from – are you looking for the best way to visit Barcelona? Here’s a closer look at the best tours Barcelona has to offer.

#1 Barcelona E-Bike Tours

Fast, fun and safe, eBikes are the perfect way to zoom through Barcelona. On this amazing sightseeing adventure, you will see the top 10 most famous locations in the city. If you want to get up close and personal with Barcelona and its history, this is the perfect option.

You will receive everything you need: a high-end e-bike awaits, as well as the safety equipment and refreshments you will need. Of course, a friendly and knowledgeable guide will share amazing insights and knowledge along the way.

The tour will begin at the Arc de Triomf and move through the Parc de la Ciutadella into the historic neighborhood of Borne. From here, you will see a blend of significant landmarks within the city including many of Gaudí’s most famous works.

#2 Barcelona Walking Tours

Barcelona is a very walkable city. Since 2013, the city council has been hard at work to deliver on the key points from its Urban Mobility Plan. This means that residents and visitors alike can enjoy a stroll through the friendly and warm streets of Barcelona.

There is a wide range of walking tours available to you in Barcelona. Some of them are more general and pass through the most popular sights in Barcelona, while others focus on a specific aspect of Barcelona’s history and culture.

If you are interested in a walking tour, you should investigate the key tours available to you. At the peak of summer, though, you might want to consider arranging your walking tour to avoid the hottest parts of the day!

#3 Barcelona Segway Tour

Segways are pretty great. They are safe, easy to operate, and lots of fun. Barcelona’s wide streets are particularly suited to Segways, meaning that you can find a wide range of Segway tours guided by local experts.

Barcelona Segway Tour is top rated in Spain and places the entire city within your reach. Five complete routes cover everything you could need to see, from the marvels of Gaudí all the way to the coastline and port.

From your Segway, you’ll find it easy to cover some serious ground and really get a new perspective on Barcelona. You will also have a lot of fun!

#4 Barcelona Bike Tour

If you are looking to tour Barcelona bike tours are a great option. It is very easy to get around the city on two wheels and an estimated 90% of residents have a bike lane within 300 meters of their home.

If you are looking for a safe and convenient way to get around the city, you will find a lot of bike tour options available to you. Again, there are general tours and also more specific ones if you have a particular interest in Barcelona’s history or culture.

Cycling can be tough, though, so you’ll want some assistance. This is why e-bike tours are superior – they are fast, keep you cool, and allow you to enjoy your day the second you hop off your e-bike. There are lots of options available to you, be sure to check them out today.

#5 Barcelona Motorbike Tour

Motorbikes are a very popular mode of transport in Barcelona. In fact, motorbikes account for 25% of all journeys made by private vehicles in Barcelona! That’s a pretty huge figure and the new Urban Mobility Plan works hard to implement new technologies and rules to keep motorcyclists safe.

If you live life on two wheels, you’ll love the motorbike tour options available to you. There are lots of guided tours that take you through the twisting mountain roads found in Catalonia. These give you breathtaking views of the city and the sea beyond.

Many of the tours pair you with a pro rider who has an amazing level of local knowledge. If you are passionate about motorcycles and travel, these options help you to bring those two worlds together.

Enjoy Your Tour in Barcelona!

We hope that this piece helps you to find the best way to visit Barcelona. There are countless options that empower you to see Barcelona in your own way – we hope that you enjoy them all!


Photo by Anastasiia Tarasova on Unsplash

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