The best cafes in Barcelona: The coffee lover’s guide


In Spain there is an expression that goes “Sin café no soy persona”, which basically means that some people can’t function without coffee in the morning. Are you one of them?

That magical cup of hot coffee in the morning, the moment you start waking up and facing the day that is about to start. That savior cup of coffee after a copious meal that helps you fight the sleep. That cup of coffee with cream that is sweeter than a candy factory. The Irish coffee with that delicious spritz of whisky that makes your head feel lighter. There is a coffee for everyone, especially if you are in Barcelona.

Every country has their own traditions and habits for coffee. In Spain, the coffee is majorly consumed in the mornings, usually on bars, served with just a little milk (“cortado”). In the summer, most of the people ask for a “Café con hielo” (Coffee with ice), a delicious combination that wakes you up and refreshes you at the same time. And we are very opened to other types of styles, like Cappuccino or Mocca. One of the most popular cups of coffee in Spain is the one after lunch. It’s funny though that most of the times it doesn’t stop us from taking our famous and international Spanish siesta.

So, if you need a place to wake up in the mornings, if you want a cool place to work on your novel or you just want a coffee and a bagel, here you have the ultimate coffee lover’s guide with the best cafés in Barcelona. Enjoy it with a little cream and sugar!

1. Café de la Pedrera

La Pedrera Cafe Barcelona

Where is it? Passeig de Gràcia 92

Barcelona’s Casa Milá, also known as La Pedrera, is one of the most representative Catalonian modernist buildings in Barcelona. Millions of tourists travel to the city every year to visit it, but only a small amount of them get to know the Café de la Pedrera. Located aside from the main entrance, this beautiful café is the perfect way to finish your visit by tasting a delicious breakfast while enjoying its modernist architecture. One of our favorites in this list of the best cafes in Barcelona.

2. Satan’s Coffee Corner

Satan’s Coffee Corner Barcelona

Where is it? L’Arc de Sant Ramón del Call 11

Strange name for a coffee shop, right? Luckily, having coffee in Satan’s Coffee Corner is not a mortal sin, although it’s so delicious that it might be. Their spacious premises are the perfect place to enjoy their breakfasts, from the classic scrambled eggs and toast to the most exotic dishes, like the Japanese Keihan-don with torifleak and kimuchi. Good music, friendly staff and trendy vibe.

3. Somewhere Café

Somewhere Cafe Barcelona

Where is it? C/ Aragó 310

Big wooden tables, hip atmosphere, organic ingredients, hipster waiters and exotic food. Somewhere Café is the coffee shop that meets all the requirements for the Millennial generation. They have so many options to come along with your coffee that you will end up having brunch, no matter the time of the day. Burgers, sandwiches, Asian cuisine… How can you resist it?

4. Cafés El Magnífico

Cafes El Magnifico

Where is it? Argentería, 64

Cafés El Magnífico has one of the most astonishing selections of world coffees you will ever see in the city of Barcelona. This famous coffee store takes pride on their national and international grains, their varieties (cinnamon, sweet potatoes and roses are some of them) and their family coffee tradition, that started with a trip to France in 1989. Two years later they opened their store and since then they’ve preserved the coffee gourmet tradition.

5. Espai Joliu

Espai Joliu Barcelona

Where is it? Carrer Badajoz 95

Cozy and inspiring café in Barcelona located in the Poble Nou neighborhood; an eclectic mix of plants, coffee and art gallery. Enjoy their natural premises, the cultural and relaxed atmosphere and their delicious cuisine, especially the avocado toast, the vegan donuts and their salmon bagels. The comfortable patio is the perfect place to hang out with your friends, read a book or just sunbathe.

6. Pudding Coffee Shop

Pudding Coffee Shop Barcelona

Where is it? Carrer de Pau Claris, 90

Coffee is not suitable for children because of the caffeine. But there are coffee shops like Pudding Coffee Shop that are totally made for kids. With its circus looks and delicious menu of cakes, this is the perfect place to have a relaxed time enjoying your cup of coffee while the kids play in the children area. If you visit it, don’t forget to taste the carrot cake and the cheesecake, their specialties.

7. Café Cometa

Cafe Cometa Barcelona

Where is it? Carrer del Parlament, 20

It’s hard to recommend hip coffee shops in Barcelona out of the Sant Antoni neighborhood. The area has become the bohemian district through the years, to the point that there is one coffee shops in almost every corner. With that in mind, Café Cometa is one of the best ones. It has tall ceilings, pop art in their walls and a big menu of shakes, smoothies and vegan options. If you like vintage and to have little hearts drawn in your coffee, Cometa is the place to be.

8. Sabio Infante Café

Sabio Infante Barcelona

Where is it? Carrer Torrent de l’Olla 39

This Nordic-style, hipster-vibe, naive-looking coffee shop is a great choice for all the coffee lovers who want to enjoy a hot cup while hanging out in a cool place. Sabio infante (which translated means “wise kid”) specializes not only in coffee but also in pastry, sandwiches and craft beer. On Saturdays, they open at 11 AM, the perfect time for brunch!

9. Bicioci Bike Café

Biciocio Bike Cafe Barcelona

Where is it? Carrer Venus 1-3, 08012

Bicioci Bike Café is very easy to spot: it’s the place with hundreds of bikes parked in the front porch. All the Barcelona bicycle fans love this bike-themed “cafeteria”, specialized in coffee and pizza. Homemade lemonade, baked cakes, Benedict eggs and all kind of delicious brunch dishes will give you the strength and energy you need for a bike ride. Plus, you will get a bike shape on your coffee foam!


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