Electric Bikes Barcelona: plan your eBike tour with us

Electric Bikes Barcelona

If you are thinking on an electric bike tour in Barcelona and you are not sure about the provider, where to book and what to look for, don’t worry anymore. We have all the answers to your questions about electric bikes in Barcelona. On this page, you’ll find all the necessary information to be able to plan your Barcelona trip and a sightseeing tour through the city.

We are an official tour provider for electric bike tours in Barcelona. Barcelona eBike Tours or in short: “BeBike” we offer guided sightseeing tours in Barcelona.

Why you should do an Electric Bike tour in Barcelona?

There are many different occasions to enjoy an electric bike tour in Barcelona. It might be a weekend trip with your family, or maybe you even have some free time left on one of your business trips. Electric Bike Tours are the perfect way to discover the city “open air” and without big groups of people. No matter if you are alone, in a couple or a group of 6, at BarcelonaeBikeTours.com we have you covered.

We have enough bicycles for you and your travel mates. Each one of your will have his own, fully equipped and safe electric bike. You’ll also get a helmet and get a quick introduction from our trained guides.

How long does a tour last?

Each tour has a time frame and can last from 1-4 hours depending on which tour you choose. Check out the different option and the tour map to discover where each of the tours is going and if it contains all the sights you want to see.

This half-day activity in Barcelona is perfect for families and small groups. Our guide will guide you through the city so you can focus on riding the electric bike and watching the amazing sights around the city.

What’s the best time to rent an electric bike in Barcelona?

The weather in Barcelona is generally great. With roughly 300 days of sun throughout the year, the chance you catch a rainy day is pretty low. It’s important to know that the colder season or wet season starts around October / November, it might be you encounter some rainy hours throughout the day.

Don’t worry about the weather if you are planning to book a tour with an electric bike as there are options of changing the tour, or if you are totally unsure if you’re going to do the tour you can even select payment after the tour. Yes, you don’t even have to pay in advance if you book an ebike tour with us.

The climate is perfect for an ebike ride

The best time, in general, is our “Primavera”. The spring and the first summer months are excellent months to visit Barcelona. The smooth, warm Mediterranean climate is perfect to enjoy the first days at the beach, hang out on cool terraces, enjoy some mojitos in a lounge and of course to enjoy our  Top 10 Barcelona eBike Tour. The summer in Barcelona is pretty hot so the months of July and August might be a bit to warm for some of us humans of the northern hemisphere. The Catalans living Barcelona tend to escape the warm city during the weekends or even the whole of August if they can. It’s pretty warm!

If you know Barcelona, you might remember the history of Eixample and the chess-like order of the streets in this part of Barcelona. Well, it says that the streets were built this way and looking towards the sea, so the wind could blow through the streets and cool it down. Barcelona is located between some mountains that surround the city, making it a hot pot during summer. Though the idea of cooling the streets with the wind from the sea was nice, the plan didn’t seem to work out 100% as the city has a small dip, and it seems that some parts in the center are even a bit lower, so the wind just blows over the streets.

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