Best restaurants to eat calçots in Barcelona: Catalan Masies

5 places to have the best calçots in Barcelona

If you come to Barcelona between November and April, there is something you should do without hesitation: got eat calçots. In case you have not tried it yet, we will explain what it is. The calçot is a white onion that is grown in a very special way so that the resulting onion is long and tender, so it became one of the most demanded typical Catalan dishes.

The typical calçot is mainly grown in a Tarragona town called Valls (Tarragona) and it is eaten roasted, directly on the fire. It is usually paired with a popular (and delicious) sauce called Romesco which is made with tomatoes, onions, ñoras (a variety of pepper), dried chili peppers, almonds and toasted hazelnuts.

Eating calçots is not just a dish but an art, since it has a stipulated ritual you need to follow if you want to do it like a real Catalan. You take the calçot with your hands, remove the skin, dip it in Romesco sauce and then eat it. To avoid staining you clothing, most of the restaurants offer gloves and bibs, what makes the experience even more fun. The calçots season goes from November to April, being its period of maximum consumption during the months of January, February and March.

The “calçotadas” (meetings of friends and/or family to eat calçots and other grilled foods) are a typical Catalan activity and it’s usually hosted in a “Masia”, the typical rural farmhouses of Catalonia. However, the practice is becoming more widespread and there are already many restaurants that offer them in the city.

There are many restaurants to eat calçots in Barcelona where you can feel the rural charm of an authentic calçotada. In this article we bring you the best restaurants in Barcelona to enjoy this unique dish.

Where to enjoy the best “Calçotada” in Barcelona? Find here the top restaurants to eat calçots in Barcelona

The Jardí de l’Àpat

Where is it? Calle Albert Llanas, 2 – Tower (on Plaça Sanllehy) 08024 Barcelona

Just 250 meters from the popular Park Güell we find this well-known family restaurant specializing in calçots and Catalan cuisine. The restaurant has two garden terraces and three private rooms that you can use for your celebrations. In one of the terraces they prepare the calçots with big flames and pair them with delicious meats, sausages and grilled vegetables. Among its most popular dishes, besides the calçots, we find the cooked snails, another Catalan delicacy. As a positive point, they are pet-friendly, so you can take your doggie with you.

Masia Nou Can Martí

Where is it? Passatge of the Font del Mont, 4 (Barcelona)

The Masia Nou Can Martí is the perfect space for groups. With an average price of around 22 euros, this masia is in the mountain of Collserola, where you can feel like you’re in the middle of nature, despite still being in the city of Barcelona. Among its most typical dishes are the assorted toasts, the tripe with chickpeas, the broken eggs, the cod skewered, the cannelloni, the butifarra, and of course, the calçots. Its schedule is quite extensive and includes from Thursday to Friday from 1 pm to 4 pm and from 8:30 pm to 11 pm. On Saturdays it opens from 13-23h and on Sundays it closes a little earlier, at 4pm.


Where is it? Carrer de Valladolid, 44, 08014 Barcelona

Carmen is one of the most popular restaurants to eat calçots in Barcelona. This rustic restaurant is in the heart of the city and offers market and seasonal cuisine, with the specialty in paellas and meat cooked over stone and charcoal. The best of everything, besides their delicious calçots, is its relationship between quality and price. And they offer closed menus for groups for 30’90 euros per person that includes a bunch of calçots, a barbecue grilled meat with French fries and mongetes, the typical Catalan beans.

Can Travi Nou

Where is it? Carrer de Jorge Manrique, s / n, 08035 Barcelona

Can Travi Nou is a rustic garden farmhouse from the 17th century converted into a restaurant that is in the Horta-Guinardó district. The positive thing about this restaurant to eat calçots in Barcelona, besides the quality of its Mediterranean cuisine, is that it offers authentic calçotades without having to leave the city or move too much. It should be noted as a differential point its decoration with neoclassical hints. In Can Travi Nou you have a closed menu for groups of 40.85 euros, which in addition to the calçots, offers a mini xató with tuna belly, grilled meats, coca del maresme with tomato, wine and typical Catalan desserts. Coffee and infusions are included.

Can Vador

Where is it? Carrer de Déu i Mata, 69, 08029 Barcelona

If you want a traditional place to eat calçots in the middle of Barcelona, ​​this is your place. Can Vador is a cozy space inspired by the old Catalan steakhouses that offers Catalan market cuisine specializing in oak-charcoal roasted meat. They offer a classic menu of calçots with sauce, grilled meat and the typical Catalan dessert, crema catalana (roasted sweet cream). All for 35 euros, including 18 calçots per person. Our recommendation is that if you do not want to do the whole menu, ask only the braised vegetable for € 12.50. A more than complete option.

Featured image: calçots on flames

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