The perfect 1 day sightseeing tour in Barcelona

The perfect 1 day sightseeing tour in Barcelona

Tourism usually takes time. You must book the flight, find accommodation and take vacations from your job, studies or simply your life. So, after all that planning, when you arrive to your destination you have a lot of time to visit the city and get acquainted with its monuments and history. After all, you can´t know a city in just one day, right? Wrong!

Did you know that you can visit Barcelona in less than 24 hours? Today we bring you the perfect plan to make it possible. You will need comfortable shoes, a camera and, if you want, a good friend to enjoy this fast but unique adventure. Get ready!

7:00 Landing

The adventure has begun! You have arrived to El Prat or Girona Airport, so it’s the moment to get on a bus, taxi, or train and get to the center of Barcelona. If you are still a little sleepy, you can have a “cortado” (coffee with a little milk) in some of the stations coffee shops. The time to arrive to the center of the city depends on where you land and which transport you take. It usually takes between 20 (taxi from El Prat, BCN airport) to 60 minutes (from Girona by bus) to get to the city, so sit back, relax and enjoy the views.

8:00 Breakfast at Mercat de la Boquería

In the Mercat de la Boquería, our first stop, you will find several options to have an appetizing breakfast, the best way to start the day. In this market you can find a wide variety of fresh products and get an idea of the great gastronomic variety that Spain has. This market is in Las Ramblas, the main street located in the center of Barcelona. It opens at 8 o’clock in the morning and closes at 8:30 PM, so it’s always a great choice to have a snack at any hour of the day. Keep in mind that most restaurants will close after lunch time which is around 4 PM.

Boqueria Market Barcelona

08:45 La Sagrada Familia by Gaudí

La Sagrada Familia is an enormous modernist Cathedral built by the famous Catalonian architect Antoni Gaudi. The works began in 1882 and, although it is not yet finished, you will be impressed by its exuberance and the fascinating silhouettes drawn by its structure. You can visit the interior of the cathedral, but it usually takes lot of queueing. Plus, you can buy the ticket the day before. We also recommend you a visit through its exterior, since it will give you an idea of how valuable this cathedral is for the city of Barcelona. It is one of the most visited monuments in the world, so visiting it early in the morning may be the perfect way to avoid crowds. And if you want a different pic of the city, a visit during the evening would be wonderful.

Take a look the Gaudi eBike Tour for more information.

Sagrada Familia Barcelona

9:30 Park Güell

Built thanks to an important Catalan businessman, Eusebi Güell, this modernist park brings together the most naturist essence of Gaudí in every corner and in every detail. The Parc Güell is an idyllic place, a gorgeous and artistic garden that inspires peace and tranquility. The perfect place to walk and enjoy a little nature in the city. Another great thing about Parc Güell is that it’s in the highest part of Barcelona, where the wealthiest people used to live. Its height makes it the perfect place to take panoramic photos of the city.

Barcelona Park Guell

11:00 Montjuic, the Olympic side of BCN

In 1992, the city of Barcelona hosted the Olympic Games. This was an important economic boost for the country and the city, and a great help to develop a touristic industry, become a modern and European city and, at the end, put Barcelona in the map. Montjuic is a mountain full of sports facilities, historic monuments and all kind of cultural landmarks. It’s the perfect place to enjoy nature and history at the same time. We recommend you get to the top of the mountain and take your time to visit the castle and enjoy the impressive city views from different angles.

Take a look the Montjuic eBike Tour for more information

Montjuic Barcelona

12:30 Plaza Cataluña & Las Ramblas

Our route continues without losing sight of the clock. It’s time to get back to the central area of Barcelona, Plaza de Catalunya, and walk through Las Ramblas. In this colorful street you will see luxurious shops, historic landmarks and all kind of bars and restaurants. You will see tourists, but also locals, young and old, hanging out in the streets or following their daily routines. Meeting them will make you feel like an authentic Barcelona local. Plus, Plaza de Catalunya is surrounded by hundreds of malls and small local businesses where you can purchase souvenirs for your family and friends.

Rambla Catalunya Barcelona

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14:00 Gothic District

The Gothic district is the neighborhood that has the most medieval vibe. You can see it on the pavement, on the walls and, specially, in the enormous medieval cathedral that sits in the middle of the district. It’s a great area to walk around and grab something to eat. Thanks to the large influx of tourists, many restaurants adjust their schedules to the visit of tourists so don’t worry about finding a restaurant. You will be able to taste American, Italian, Greek, or Asian food and of course, tapas and some of the most famous and recognizable dishes of the Spanish cuisine.

Gothic District Barcelona

16:00 Born area, beach and cocktails before going home

One of the beaches of Barcelona, also known as La Barceloneta, is just 10 minutes away from the Gothic District, so you can walk there while enjoying the port views. The district is full of seafood bar and restaurants, so before returning home, you may want to enjoy a cocktail in one of the “chiringuitos” (beach bars) of the promenade. If you want to have a seafood lunch, we would recommend you go to a seafood restaurant and ask for a “mariscada”, a great and enormous seafood-combo.

Barceloneta Beach Barcelona

So, after a day of strolling around Barcelona, it’s time to say goodbye and catch the bus, the train or a taxi, and go back to the airport. And when you get to your home and explain your trip to your family or friends, will you say you got to know Barcelona? If you have followed our schedule, you can say: “¡Claro que sí!”


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