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Sarrià eBike Tour

Get to Barcelona’s less known yet remarkable residential district

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Why this route?

Away from the city center and mainly residential, the district of Sarrià prides itself on its culture and its history, since it was the last town to join Barcelona in 1921. Take your electric bike and come with us to know one of the most secret and exclusive areas of the city.

From its beginnings it was a district reserved for the high bourgeoisie and the wealthiest classes of the city. You still can notice it in every corner of the district, from its elegant squares to its exclusive shops. 

The Sarrià Ebike Tour starts at Arc del Triomf, a monument designed by the architect Josep Vilaseca i Casanovas as the main entrance to the 1888 Universal Exhibition. From there we ride our electric bicycles through the famous Avinguda Diagonal. This avenue is one of the largest in the city since it crosses Barcelona from side to side cutting the district of the Eixample. It´s more than 11 km long and was designed by the architect Ildefonso Cerdá, who gave a rationalist approach to the district planning.

The first destination of the route is Turó Parc and Jardins d’Eduard Marquina, a garden area whose origins date back to 1912. In this lush garden we can find a theater, a pond and numerous statues of artists such as Josep Clarà and Joan Borrell i Nicolau. The tour takes us to the Barri de Les Tres Torres, one of the areas with the highest per capita income in the whole city. From its beginnings in 1860 it was populated by the high bourgeoisie which owned most of the textile industry. Nowadays the area it´s still mainly residential and has some of the most luxurious shopping centers in Barcelona such as El Corte Inglés and the CC L’illa.

The next stop is the favorite for all those who have a sweet tooth: El Foix de Sarrià, one of the oldest bakeries in Barcelona. Here we can enjoy cakes, chocolates and cocas, the typical Catalan sponge cake. Further on we arrive at the quiet and calmed Placeta Del Roser, a beautiful square next to the church of Sant Vicenç de Sarrià and near the Plaça del Consell de la Vila.

What will you see?

Undiscovered treasures. Explore this district with its architecture and small charming squares and alleys.

Great, authentic places. Ask any local for the district’s best bakery and you will get the same answer. We show you what is the local taste.

Panorama views. We will reach the district’s higher situated areas, where parks offer the wonderful views over Barcelona.


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More about the itinerary

The Sarrià Ebike Tour continues to the Parc de Joan Reventós, a natural area that has an accessible children’s play area, pedestrian circuits, bicycles and skating circuits and drinking fountains. It is very well connected with the Collserola park through the gardens of Can Sentmenat and the Parc del Castell de l’Oreneta, our next stop.

This park is an urban forest that has everything: spectacular views, a children’s play area, picnic area, a small hidden pond, a restaurant and, at weekends, pony trips and an electric train tour.

We ride on our bicycles until we reach the Monestir de Pedralbes, a gothic monastery located in the middle of the neighborhood. It was founded in 1326 by King Jaume II and his wife, Elisenda de Montcada, who was one of its great drivers. The Monastery hosted an order of nuns, a church and the royal tombs.

Our next stop is the Finca Güell, an early work of the architect Antonio Gaudí. The count Eusebi Güell met Gaudí during the 1878 Paris Exposition and they became friends. Gaudí was commissioned to renovate the Finca Güell by repairing the house and building a wall, a fence, a gatehouse, the stables and the riding arena.

The route continues in the neighborhood of Les Corts reaching the Jardins de la Maternitat. These sumptuous gardens were built around the children’s hospital and the Barcelona orphanage. Its grassy spaces and its wide variety of trees make it a perfect place to rest and enjoy nature.

From there we arrive to the football fans favorite stop: the Camp Nou, home of the FC Barcelona. The Barcelona team used to play in the Les Corts stadium but it became too small. The board led by Josep Miró-Sans approved the construction of a new stadium, which was inaugurated in 1957. Nowadays, besides the stadium, you can visit the Barça Museum and the official store.

The last stop of the Sarrià Ebike Tour is the Plaça de la Concordia, an area where we find classic shops such as the Farmàcia Oller and the l´Obrador del Molí. From there we return to the starting point.

Sarrià was built for the high bourgeoisie and is full of special corners and hidden treasures that you can enjoy if you know where to look. Our secret route will take you away from the most crowded areas of Barcelona to a fantastic side of the city, unknown to most of the tourists.

Ask any local for the district’s best bakery and you will get the same answer: La Foix de Sarrià. This route is full of authentic places that still retain the charm of the old days and have not been altered. Bakeries, tailor shops and gardens combined with some of the most exclusive shops and malls in all of Barcelona.

We will reach the district’s highest situated areas, where parks offer the wonderful views over Barcelona. City-seeing in this part of the city becomes a unique experience.

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