COVID-19 measures: How Bebike Tours maximizes safety during your tour and guarantees flexible cancellations and refunds

The outbreak of COVID-19 has been an unprecedented crisis on a global level, putting travel and economic activity on hold. With our customers slowly restarting to plan their trips, this blog article’s aim is to explain the measures that Bebike Tours is taking in order to protect you during your Ebike Tour in Barcelona.

Bebike Tour’s efforts to protect our customers and employees consist of seven key points that are explained in more detail below. We encourage you to contact us in order to clarify any remaining questions. Thank you for visiting our website; we hope to see you soon and wish you safe travels.


Adherence to official standards and safety regulations

Bebike Tours fully complies with official standards, regulations and recommendations concerning COVID-19 safety. Apart from following the requirements of the Spanish authorities, we are also actively monitoring the latest recommendations that are issued by international organizations.


Flexible cancellation, rebooking and 100% refund policy

Bebike Tours has always offered a flexible cancellation, rebooking and refund policy. However, we now offer a true last-minute cancellation, rebooking and refund policy. You will always be able to reschedule or cancel your reservation and get 100% of your money back, with no questions asked.


Protective equipment provided to customers and staff

Bebike Tours provides all necessary protective equipment to customers and staff, including protection masks, gloves, hygiene caps, and hydroalcoholic disinfection gel. For now, we kindly require clients to use masks inside our premises and also during our tours. You can bring your own mask, of course.


Staff expertly trained in COVID-safe procedures

Before resuming tours, our staff members have to undergo a detailed training session to ensure they completely comply with the latest health recommendations and company-specific standards. Guides are keeping a close eye on their own health and will go to the doctor if they show any symptoms whatsoever.

We are also operating strict back-office safety measures, when clients are not present, with some staff still working remotely to minimize contact.


Frequent cleaning and disinfection of premises and Ebikes

Our premises are constantly disinfected, in general and especially surfaces in customer areas. We have placed disinfection mats at our shop’s entrance, protective screens at our welcome desk, and have established protocols for increased cleaning and frequent disinfection of our premises (especially customer areas).

We also disinfect Ebikes (especially handlebars, grips and other contact points) and helmets before and after each use. In addition, strict hygiene protocols have been established for our staff, especially the team of guides. Measures include the obligatory washing of hands and use of disinfection gel before and after each tour.


Small groups, social distancing, and 30% discount on private tours

For the foreseeable future, we are operating with small tour groups of a maximum of 6 people per guide. Inside our premises and during tours, we assure that safety distances are maintained.

Our Ebikes are equipped with an audio speaker system that allows our groups to keep a safe distance – without missing any information provided by the tour leader. Furthermore, start times have been made more flexible to coordinate bookings in a way that minimizes groups of customers coinciding at our premises at the same time.

To make the decision to go on tour only with your own group a little easier, we are also offering private tours at a 30% discount during the next few months, allowing you to enjoy the experience in an even more personal space with no contact from outside your group.


Minimal physical contact through contactless technology

To reduce physical contact to a minimum, we have equipped our premises with contactless technology including sensor-activated light switches, water fountains and soap dispensers in restrooms, as well as sensor-activated disinfection gel dispensers.

In order to avoid using cash, you can make contactless card payments or prepay your tour online through PayPal, credit card or wire transfer. We accept digital vouchers, so you do not need to print out and bring your reservation confirmation.

The audio system that we use to provide our customers with seamless explanations is based on speakers that are fixed on Ebike handlebars instead of headphones, so there are no hygienic concerns during your tour.


Help with all your questions concerning COVID-19

We encourage you to contact us with any questions concerning your stay in Barcelona and Spain, COVID-related or not. We will do our best to help you answer any questions you have – and if we can’t we will refer you to the contacts of government and public organizations that can best help you to solve your doubts.

While this article will be updated periodically, there may be regulatory changes on a local, national and international level that are not reflected in real-time here. Please excuse any omissions and rely on the latest information from governments and other official sources to take decisions concerning your travel plans.

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