Bike Tours in Barcelona on an electric bike

Bike Tours in Barcelona on an electric bike, the perfect way to see Barcelona

The perfect way to see Barcelona is on a bike. The great weather and the amount of accessible bike lanes throughout the city make it a perfect spot to be explored by bicycle.

You could go to any bike rental shop in Barcelona and give yourself a garbeo, but with ebikes or electric bikes is another level of fun. These are bikes (similar to the classic bikes) that have a built-in small motor to provide extra help whenever you want to use it.

Booking Bike Tours in Barcelona is easy. We offer a range of tours that can be booked online here on You will see its pretty easy. Select your tour, the amount of persons that participate and the time you want to do the tour on a bike through Barcelona. Are you ready to go?

Sightseeing Bike Tours in Barcelona

Which company to choose to do a bike tour in Barcelona?

You can always have a great time renting an electric bike in Barcelona and see new things about Barcelona, the history of its most iconic places, secret corners, curiosities …

To get a bit in the position of the electric bike routes that are to choose, we will tell you that there are both scheduled tours and private tours on request (made to order).

Which Bicycle Tour is the right one for me?

To discover Barcelona historically you could try our Historical Tour, a guided ebike tour through the Historical part of the city you can learn about the past of Barcelona and the different buildings, streets and stories that make Barcelona so charming.

If you are more into sports, the Olympic Games or Architecture the Montjuic eBike Tour with the greatest views of the city will be the right one for you. Drive up to Montjuic with the support of the electric motor of the bike and get a 360º view of the city.

Start your own new urban adventure in Barcelona and reserve your scheduled tour on an electric bike today!

Is it legal to rent electric bikes in Barcelona

We cannot speak for all the companies that rent bikes in Barcelona, but we can assure you that it is legal to rent bikes, electric bikes and do tours. works with the city of Barcelona and has a permit to operate in Barcelona. Our tour guides are trained and experienced with the electric bikes and they bring the necessary knowledge about Barcelona, to assure that your trip will be excellent.


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